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Botch Mode Reaches New Heights as Brie Bella Legit Knocks Out Liv Morgan

Last night, I was home doing my usual Monday routine of plotting out my week while flipping back & forth between Raw and Monday Night Football. I happened to flip over to Raw and there was a 6 woman tag match with The Riott Squad facing off against The Bella Twins & Natalya. I decide to watch for a bit, since Brie Bella, while great on the mic and easy on the eyes, is a TERRIBLE in ring worker and has been screwing up spots left & right lately. Every week since the Bellas have come back into the picture it’s been “what will Brie mess up this week?” Last night, we got the worst one yet, followed by an absolute shit show in the handling of it by WWE.

Lets jump right into the big fuck up by Brie. Brie was performing her husbands signature “yes kicks” on Liv Morgan. Brie has been doing this for a bit now, and is literally married to the man who’s move it is (Daniel Bryan). Brie clearly fucked them up big time and knocked Liv out as you can see here.

Image result for brie bella kick botch gif

Watch that last kick. She clearly connects hard with the side of Liv’s head and just destroys her. Its pretty brutal. The next big screw up is Brie again, who this time is lands a stiff one on Ruby Riott.

This leads to ANOTHER botch where she duffs Ruby Riott in the face while she’s on the apron outside the ring. Ruby having enough of this dangerous shit storm of bad work by Brie, starts putting a little mustard on her shots later in the match. Good on Ruby for that. Glad someone sent the message back because it’s getting out of hand at this point. I know Brie has just returned from maternity leave & some rust is obviously to be expected, but this has become a next level issue since shes legitimately hurting people with these constant screw ups.

Now lets look at the ineptitude of WWE when it comes to handling this situation last night. First off, Liv tries to continue the match. Noble move, but she literally couldn’t even stand. She proceeds to roll out of the ring and down to the floor. Now, the X should have been tossed up by the ref at this point, but for some reason, the match continues as basically a 3 on 2. The match wraps up with a win by the Riott Squad, and Ruby and Sara Logan quickly go to check on Liv. The Bellas & Natalya are in the middle of the ring staying in character. This leads to Michael Cole, in classic Cole fashion, saying that they have taken Liv to the back to be evaluated, right as the camera shows Liv still on the floor at ringside, with two WWE staff members, Ruby, & Sara. Just an absolute mess all around.

Obviously there’s some stuff that needs to be addressed by WWE here. First off, tell Brie that she’s got 2 options: either spend some time at the Performance Center to work out the ring rust, or have her gracefully retire after Evolution. 4 weeks in a row now we’ve had a major Brie botch thats downright dangerous. This one literally injured someone (yes, i know she also gave miz a black eye bc of her shit work, but that’s not gonna keep him from working).

The next thing is the procedure by WWE in how to deal with this. I get that its televised and the show must go on and all that, but safety first, and Liv was clearly concussed & could barely keep her feet. You gotta toss up the X there. Not for nothing, no one tuned in because of this specific match. Not a chance. There was zero reason to continue this.

Second, even if, like in this case, you do get her out of the ring, you get her to the back safely. Think about it. It’s not only smart from a safety aspect, but it also adds an element of realism to the product. Considering Brie is going to be a major part of the upcoming first ever all women’s Evolution ppv, I think they at least have to spend more time working with Brie to minimize one on that big stage.

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