Pro Wrestling

I Screwed Up … I’m Waiting Until Tomorrow To Watch #ALLIN … This is my confession

I’ve seen Twitter.  I’ve seen some posts.  I’ve even seen a few spoilers …

This is not a long blog for anyone’s enjoyment per se, this is just my way to express and rationalize my decision and the immense amount of FOMO I have at the moment.  It’s my testimony.  I’m venting if you will.

I opted to not watch ALL IN tonight as I already have a New Japan Subscription and I didn’t want to have to be glued to the TV for 3 plus hours on a free Saturday Night when my wife is staying at my In-Laws and I have the apartment to myself.  That’s a rare occasion.  In hindsight, this seems like a bad decision, so what I’m going to do is pretend I saw nothing.  I’m going to pretend that I read nothing.  Apparently I’m missing history.  Well, I figured people would say that regardless of how the show went, (but I do have confidence) so needless to say, I’m going to pretend that ALL IN is tomorrow …

I’ll judge it for myself.  I’ll be ALL IN … tomorrow.

FOMO … 4 … LIFE!

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