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Today Is The Real Birthday of Our Lord & Savior. Happy Birthday Vincent Kennedy McMahon

A lot of people in this world believe that our lord & savior was born on December 25th. I’m writing this to let all of you who feel that way that you’re absolutely, positively, WRONG (sorry nonna). Today, August 24th, is the day our lord & savior was born. His name isn’t Jesus either. It is the hero of everyone here, the one, the only, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

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i’m writing this to wish the happiest 73rd birthday imaginable to one of my true heroes in life. One of the very few people on this Earth who I look up to. Who I idolize. Who inspires me to work harder, never quit, never say die, and, most importantly, always strive to be the best at what I do, because this man, no matter how you feel about the current state of the WWE, is the best at what he does. He’s an innovator, a genius business man, a phenomenal actor, and he even gets in the ring and takes the bumps that keep the money flowing when he needs to. A True renaissance man in every sense of the word. Here’s to 73 wonderful years and many more!

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