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MELTZER KNOWS NOTHING .V2 – According To Feelings, The USA Loves NJPW More Than Ever!

Ahhhhh, gotta love it!  A statement made with a definitive tone with zero facts or additional context provided.  Mr. Meltzer, you sir, are the master of deception, my friend.  I applaud you.


So the above Tweet caught my eye because I consider myself a pretty big wrestling fan, yet, I had no fucking idea that the G1 was taking place or what it was until the marks, excuse me, “the fans” started hashtagging it non-stop and talking about random “blocks”, which I assume are brackets.  Now, I don’t want to be seen as a hater, I’m sure it was very entertaining if NJPW is your bag.  To each their own I say!  If you like a bunch of dudes doing choreographed death spots, then by all means, knock yourself out both literally and figuratively.  In fact, maybe go one step further and LITERALLY immerse yourself into the atmosphere.  Maybe watch it with some friends at 3AM and give each other Tiger Bombs through your coffee tables that are most likely covered with Mountain Dew and Dominos.

Now, back to the Tweet – I just don’t understand how someone can make the statement that the “Gap” is not NEARLY as large as it was last year.  Well, what does that mean?  Does that mean the gap is as big as the Atlantic Ocean?  Because as mentioned before, someone like myself, who watches wrestling weekly HAD NO IDEA ABOUT A G1 or WHATEVER THE HELL IT IS.  So how is that possible?

OR … let’s use common sense here.  Maybe … just maybe the people who actually like watching New Japan are just being more vocal about it so it SEEMS and FEELS as though more people are starting to watch.  I mean, you’d have to assume that the people in the USA that watch NJPW, also watch the WWE product (unless they’re a total loser).  If that’s the case (and it probably is), it would mean that there’s still a ridiculously small amount of people in the US that watch New Japan.  How do I know this?  I know this before the WWE’s rating as compared to prior years is absolutely abysmal.

To even call the space between the popularity of NJPW in the USA and WWE in Japan a “gap” in an insult to gaps.  In fact, the gap’s grandparents are probably rolling over in their graves right now from such a statement.

Listen, we need to stop just going off feelings when it comes to answering questions.  If you’re gonna say the “gap” is smaller, then prove it.  You can’t just say things as fact because you so desperately want them to be true.  That’s not how life works.  If it were me, I’d try throwing a few numbers out there.  And listen, don’t be shy about it either, kind of like when you, Dave, said that over a million people would watch NJPW if it was weekly programming in the US …



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