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I’m Going To Boo Johnny Gargano At NXT TakeOver Brooklyn #NotMyBabyface

I thought he was a good babyface … but then the marks got a hold of him … and he embraced it.  Sorry Johnny, but you’re on my overrated shit list and I’m gonna let you know all about it come August 18th.   I’m sitting ringside, so you have no place to hide.  While the rest of Brooklyn is cheering you on like a bunch of sheep, I’m gonna do my best to boo your ass out of the building.

Here’s the deal, I’m sure Johnny Gargano is a good dude.  I got nothing against him personally, but it hurts my heart to see grown ass men reach such a high level of mark-dom that they golf clap whenever he hits a move, then gets hit by a move, then doesn’t sell, then hits another move.  It needs to stop.  We need to stop acting like he’s the second coming of Daniel Bryan.  He’s not.  We need to stop acting like he’s a great promo.  He’s not.

I don’t buy that he’s mad at Ciampa.  As far as I’m concerned, it looks like bad acting in an 8th grade play.  You want proof?  Just look at where these promos are getting a reaction … Full Sail, which is the breeding ground for terrible opinions.  It’s the same group of people who put everyone SO OVER, yet they can’t hack it on the main roster long term.  Full Sail is not the barometer of what’s good in pro wrestling.  I’d say 80% of the time, they get it wrong.  Hell, the most entertaining guy to come of our NXT barely got any time … Elias.  You know who else is really over?  The guy that couldn’t wrestle, Braun Strowman.  Both dudes barely on NXT, both of which are arguably the most over on the main roster outside of the usual suspects of Cena, Orton etc..

As for Johnny, I’m reading right through this fake outrage.  You can act angry, but if you’re not willing to go there mentally, it’ll come off as fake and that’s where I am with Johnny Gargano.  Now of course you’re gonna have the Meltzers of the world that sit there and praise his every move, while also letting you know he’d be the 5th best wrestler in Japan, but the fact is that he’s not quite there yet, not even close.

You wanna watch a good promo?  Type Brian Pillman into YouTube.  That’s how it’s done.  That’s how you come off as “mad” or “unhinged”.   Screaming into a microphone in front of pre-conditioned audience does not make you over.  They’re going to cheer no matter what.   It’s a false sense of what’s actually the case.

Now, on the flip side, I’ll be rooting big time for Ciampa, pronounced CHAMP-A.  Ya see, that’s talent.  That’s knowing your character.  That’s DEDICATING yourself to the trick and the act.  The trick that allows people to think for even a split second, despite knowing that it’s staged, that it just … might … be real.

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