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Some Canadian Hardo Kicked A 19 Year Old Kid Out Of The Gym For Dropping His Weights Too Loud

Montreal Gazette (never heard of it) – Nineteen-year-old Charles Lalonde was at the Greenfield Park location of Buzzfit at about 10 p.m. on Aug. 2. He was doing a powerlifting exercise known as deadlifting, in which a bar holding weights is lifted off the ground to hip level, then lowered back down.

Lalonde was midset, lifting 350 pounds, and caught off guard when his assailant approached and, visibly agitated, appeared to kick the barbell out of his hands and shove Lalonde against the wall of the gym, all the while yelling at him to “get out.”

The gym is a place where gains are to be made.  It’s a place where if you need a fellow broski to spot you on the bench so you don’t cave in your clavicle, you got it.  No problem.

The gym however is NOT a place where you act like an asshole.  With that said, it’s not surprising that it took a Canadian to give the house of gains a bad name.   So apparently some beta male soft-serve ice cream jabroni … WHO DOESN’T EVEN LOOK LIKE HE LIFTS … took it upon himself to be the gym police and kick a 19 year old kid who was trying to work on his Dead Lift to impress some chicks with his jacked back, out of the gym.

First of all, the reason this kid got “kicked out” was because he was making too much noise.  Ummmm … I don’t know if you guys watched the video, but there was barely a sound.  If anything, the kid was being respectful of those around him.   In fact, I legit thought that he was going to be grunting or something, because then I could see people taking issue with it.  I mean, grunting is only acceptable if you’re literally pushing yourself to the limit or low on oxygen.

Anyway, this asshole decided it was okay to interrupt him mid-fucking-set and push the bar down while mid-lift.  Like … ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?  You wanna talk about causing an injury.  Like, how do you even think that’s normal behavior?  And most importantly, if you’re gonna be a dickhead, you better be a fucking JACKED dickhead. This guy looks like the type of dude who just racks the weights, reps some bench and then crushes curly fries and mozzy sticks as a post workout meal.  Do cardio for me one time bro.

I’d love for this clown to come to the East Coast and try that at a Gold’s or something.  I don’t even do iso-work a ton anymore (#Crossfit, don’t hate), but I know for a fact that those guys would scream right in this guy’s face and he would have no choice but to just smile and take his biscuit eating ass back to the quiet section with the foam rollers and medicine balls.

Moral of the story.  That fuckin’ guy sucks and so does that Canadian clown gym.  No noise?  Fuck outta here!

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