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Random Dude On Twitter Makes Up A Hilarious Fake Rumor About Roman Reigns … AND HE DOUBLES DOWN! Gotta Respect It.

Oh man, what a morning!  So some random dude on Twitter with 91 followers (a true underdog) took to Twitter this morning to set the marks into a Ken Shamrock rage regarding their favorite WWE Superstar, THE BIG DOG, Roman Reigns.  This is why no one can say Roman “doesn’t get a reaction”, just look at the stats of this ridiculous Tweet … 111 Retweets! LOLOLOL … That’s 111 people who wanted other people to see this “breaking news” on their own feed.  To quote Zack Ryder … are you serious, bro?!

Here’s the Tweet …

I don’t know who this Paeter Carnivals guy is, but ya gotta respect him.  First of all, it’s borderline ridiculous that anyone would even give this tweet the time of day (I quote Tweeted it because that’s what professionals do).  The WWE ain’t gonna be paying nobody that much money to Tweet about Roman Reigns … like, have you heard of bots before?  Have you heard of click farms?  Have you heard of THE INTERNET?  They could literally just hire a bunch of intern nerds to Tweet positive stuff about Roman all day, everyday.  Hell, they probably do that already or I just gave Vince a great idea.

The best part of this Tweet is that the marks just can’t resist themselves.  They actually started to take this guy up on what he said and attempted to bring him to task in the modern era wrestler’s court/Twitter … I mean, just look at this fuckin response!

REVOLUTIONARY OR GENIUS! … Ahhhh you gotta respect that.  Such a fuckin alpha move to just stuff Flash Boredom in a locker.   I mean, if you think about it, the dude has a point.  That’s usually how geniuses come about.  Everyone thinks you’re fucking crazy and then boom, you’re on the Moon!

Let’s look at this beauty as a wrestling podcast offered him STRAIGHT CASH HOMIE to turn over his sources ..

AHAHA! “but I won’t budge” even though he’s so dangerously low on funds that he owns a Smart Phone … Yes, a man deep in his principles, so much that he used both Jake Tapper from CNN (lol) and Justin LaBar in the same Tweet.  WHAT WORLD AM I LIVING IN?  If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up!

ALSO P.S. If you’re a single lady, per this guy’s profile he’s “single and looking”.

For shits and giggles, let’s just break down the cost impact of these allegations and have a good laugh …

$100 – $200 to remove your Roman Reigns sign at a Live Event

$1 – $10 per Tweet

$5 – $20 per Instagram Post (which makes ZERO sense)

NDA must be signed

Total Cost – $5.8 Million Dollars … LOLOLOLOL.

SO THAT’S WHY VINCE HAD TO MAKE THE DEAL WITH FOX FOR A BILLION DOLLARS!!!  Seriously, how the hell can a company expect to keep up such an underground initiative without funding?  To think that all this time the Fox Deal was a smokescreen for an Anti-Reigns campaign!

Also important to note, per this random jabroni, this whole thing is being led by Kevin Dunn, which I call bullshit on.  Reasoning being because I have a functioning brain and I’ve watched the movie Breach staring Ryan Phillipe.   And if you’ve seen that movie, you know that this can only be attributed to one thing and one thing only …


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