The Mets Are A Crime Organization

The New York Mets are the enemy to the people.  For this reason, I’ve boycotted going to CitiField for the last 2 years and I can say without doubt that it has done wonders for the quality of my life.

Bottom line, the New York Mets and their owners are a fucking disgrace and there is no better example than yesterday.  TWENTY FIVE TO FUCKING FOUR.  Furthermore, this team has ZERO direction and zero chance of getting themselves out of this blackhole of embarrassment.  And apparently they haven’t made up their minds as to whether they want to rebuild or retool.  You’d think you’d have an idea considering there are people within the organization to determine this stuff.  Well, unlike most well run (or standard) organizations, the Mets didn’t bother to determine that prior to the trade deadline.  They made zero moves with zero reasoning attached.

What’s hilarious is that in the same day the sports world mocks them for being con-artists, the actual team lost 25-4.  They could have scored 20 runs in the last inning of the game and still lost.  That’s how bad the Mets are.

Personally, I hold the Wilpons 100% accountable, which is part of the problem, since the MLB won’t hold them accountable for jack shit.  Those fucks have been robbing the fans blind for years and have been using Bernie Madoff as the excuse for well over a decade.  They’re cheap cocksuckers who don’t care about winning.  In my eyes, there’s no reason to even trade our big pieces in DeGrom of Wheeler, because we will not … and I repeat .. WILL NOT get anything of value back.  All the Wilpons care about is saving money/turning a profit (whatever the excuse is).   Winning is the furthest from their agenda.  In fact, the ONLY thing further from their agenda than winning, is RESPECT.  They don’t RESPECT anybody.  They knowingly will trade away talent for cash in lieu of trading for players that can help make an impact.

If you’re a Mets fan, I suggest you turn off the TV.  Don’t go to the games and definitely don’t feel bad about it either.  You’re not turning your back on the team, trust me.  Just think about it, you wouldn’t buy something from someone who you KNEW was a criminal.  Well, that’s what the Wilpons are, straight up criminals.  So if you find yourself at a Mets game in the future, just start considering yourself an accomplice to a crime. And if you’re one of those people who has “faith” in Mets ownership, then you’re just as guilty as the Wilpons are.  In fact, if I was a judge, I’d just say “fuck it” and give you the chair.  One less idiot in the world.



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