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“The Firing Squad” of The Bullet Club Has Taken Heel Work to The Next Level The Last Few Weeks and Roman Reigns is a Big Reason Why

At the G1 Special in San Fransicso on July 7th, the show ended with Tama Tonga, his brother Tanga Loa, and their father, the legendary Haku / Meng , shocking the wrestling world and dismantling the rest of the Bullet Club to close out the show to the shock of all watching. This was an “I’m an OG member and its my house now” moment for Tama Tonga, but little did we know this would be the start of a huge and rocket fast boost in popularity & notoriety for the Tongan part of the BC, who have dubbed themselves “The Firing Squad”

So after this we began one of NJPWs signature yearly events, the G1 tournament. The G1 is a big wrestling tournament that culminates with the winner getting a heavyweight title shot at Wrestle Kingdom, which is the NJPW version of Wrestlemania. Tama Tonga was picked to be in the B block of the tournament, and has taken quite an interesting, and in my opinion a great character building approach to the tournament. Instead of doing what everyone else is and trying to win matches, accumulate points, and win the B block to advance to the finals, he, his brother Tonga Loa who accompanies him to the ring every match, and fellow Tongan & the underboss of the BC Bad Luck Falé, have been absolutely wrecking house and pulling all kinds of classic heel tactics to beat the holy hell out of everything in their past. They are garnering tons of heat from the japanese crowds, and for me, they are also becoming must watch guys instead of boring average mid carders. Granted, as a tag team Tama & Tanga are great (they wrestle as Guerillas Of Destiny. GOD for short), but as singles competitors, none of them have really moved the needle that much, at least for me. This whole approach has changed that for me big time tho, since I’m admittedly a huge fan of old school heel tactics like these. To me, this cements that true heat almost as much as a hardcore heel promo. This leads us to our next big move by the boys.

So the other day after his G1 match, Tama Tonga cuts his traditional post match backstage promo, but theres something off about it. It’s way smoother than the usual Tama promo. Well, just as he looms over all of the WWE as Vince’s face of the company these days, most hated man of the stupid twitter marks, THE BIG DOG Roman Reigns calls him out and says its actually DRAKE LYRICS! Pure gold on Roman’s part, who thanks to the stupid internet marks, i now actually like out of my spite for them. Roman even went as far as to tell everyone exactly what song on Drakes new album that he took it from. This pissed off Tama, which lead him to going HARD on some folks on twitter, and getting a little suspension.

How does Tama respond to this? Naturally, by calling Roman the snitch and tossing a little more gas on the fire. Roman makes sure he knows that’s bs and also to remind Tama that he just carried him to next level popularity, since love him or hate him, he’s a mega star compared to Tama. Tama has now taken to doing the fist cock and the fist on the ground during his entrance to troll Reigns which is pure gold. No Clue where this goes next, but its certainly great for both of them, since it boosts Tama’s fanbase with new eyes, and gets Roman some endearment from the internet marks by playing along.

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