Pro Wrestling

R.I.P. Too Cool’s Grand Master Sexay, Brian Christopher

This one hit me hard.

You could pick a million reasons as to why the Attitude Era is considered by most to be the best years of professional wrestling.  For me, I was literally growing up dead smack in the middle of it – the late 90’s/early 2000s.   There was Stone Cold, The Rock, Mankind, Undertaker, DX, NWO, Jericho, you name it, the Attitude Era had it.

What’s crazy is that even with all of the above mentioned names solidified as top guys, that’s there still one act that always stood out to me above the rest …. and that act was Too Cool with Rikishi.   To mimic Lance Storm, and be serious for a minute, I’d argue that outside of Austin and The Rock, that Grand Master Sexay and Scotty Too Hotty would get arguably the biggest pop of the night … every night.  Whenever you heard that quick beat to kick off their theme, you just KNEW it was gonna be a party.  It was kinda of like Stone Cold, where you knew when you heard the glass that it was somebody’s ass OR The Rock where you literally and figuratively had electricity running through your body.  You heard the beat and your mind responded.

As for the group itself, Rikishi was obviously the biggest star.  He gave the act what it needed, but let me be clear, he wasn’t MY personal favorite.  And although I loved the worm from Scotty, it was always Grand Master Sexay who always caught my attention.  I just couldn’t get enough of his signature wheel barrel into Thriller dance down the entrance ramp.  I also loved the way that he’d clean his goggles before dropping his signature hip-hop drop (leg drop) from the top rope.  It’s the little things that matter, ya know.  I wish more wrestlers did that today.


Also – Fun fact, I actually had no idea as a kid that he was Jerry Lawler’s son.  But now that I’m older, I’m so happy I had no clue, because there’s nothing better than going back and watching old RAWs and hearing The King drop subtle hints or compliments Sexay’s way.  I actually feel like an idiot to be honest, because if you couldn’t tell just by looking at them that they’re related then you’re probably completely hopeless, myself included.

As for Too Cool as an actual tag team, I legit feel that they might be the most underrated of all time.  They had SO MANY moments that reaffirmed why I love wrestling, and in my opinion, none will ever eclipse that epic spot during the 2000 Royal Rumble, where by the stroke of God (cough, cough, Vince McMahon), all three members landed in the ring at the same time …

Damn .. that was fucking awesome.

So when I saw this news pop up this morning it hit me hard.  It sucks. It sucks that he was going through some shit and he felt he didn’t have a way out.  That truth is that there’s always someone to talk to and always a different way to go.  I think Nate from Barstool Sports said it best in his blog today, so I’ll just link it here.

Rest In Peace, Grand Master Sexay.  I’m sure you’re dancing in heaven right now and your goggles are as clear as ever.  Thanks for all the entertainment.

1-800-273-8255 – Suicide Hotline

877-226-3111 – Addiction Hotline

844-228-2962 – Eating Disorder Hotline

877-455-0628 – Self Harm Hotline

888-640-5174 – Depression Hotline

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