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Cedric Alexander Called Neville A Quitter So People Have Finally Noticed Cedric Alexander

There ya go, Cedric!  Helluva job!  You finally did it, you finally entertained us.  So in case anyone may have missed it, Cedric Alexander, who I just found out was still the Cruiserweight Champion, responded to a mark (cough) fan after the fan commented that it’s the perfect time for “The King” to return …


Literally, this is the first time I’ve ever been interested in Cedric Alexander.  I don’t even know if he’s a heel at the moment or if this is a work and Neville may be on his way back to WWE, but what I do know is that this dude is as generic as they come.  There’s a reason no one watches 205Live! or gives and a damn and it’s because of what I tell people all the time regarding wrestling – if you don’t have a gimmick/character, then I don’t give a flying shit about what you do in that ring.  And newsflash, other than the brainwashed jabronis that believe in Meltzer’s fake ass star ratings, nor does anyone else who has a functioning brain that has the capacity to think for itself.  That’s why rating are at an all time low.

At the end of the day, you can do 37 suicide dives and crazy moves, but guess what, I can see that shit by watching parkour videos on YouTube.  Give me a character.  Don’t just wear a scuba suit and “put on a show”.

Think about it, THIS is what it takes for someone to notice this guy.  I find it interesting as well that the “quitter” he’s shitting on (unless I’m being worked, brother) is quite possibly the only guy other than Enzo that made 205Live! even tolerable.

With all of that said, at least I know that Alexander has it in him to be somewhat interesting.  As Eric Bischoff would say, “controversy creates cash”.  So if there’s anything to this little comment, then maybe I’ll turn on 205Live! and give it 5 minutes of my time. (probably not though.)

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