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Ryback’s Fat Burner Ad Is The Greatest Worst Video Of All Time … I Might Buy It Now

I don’t believe in fat burners, but after viewing Ryback’s new fat burner ad, I’m officially a believer in both fat burners AND Ryback.

Here’s the video:

Let’s just break this down.  Ryback left the WWE and took all the knowledge he obtained from reading the highly controversial book, The Secret and started his own company, FEED ME MORE NUTRITION.  I say, more power to him.  I’ll never hate the hustle.  I may hate someone’s product, I may hate how they do it, but I’ll never … EVER … hate the hustle or how someone makes their money (unless you’re an actual scumbag).  With that said, Ryback is an absolute marvel in the entrepreneur department and this video is by far the greatest source of truth.

Let’s break this down.  The year is 2018.  The Body Positive Movement, Female Empowerment and Health & Fitness are at an all time high for better or for worse.  My opinion on those topics is irrelevant, however what is relevant is how Ryback just frankly does not give a flying fuck.  Personally, I love it.  It’s as if he lives in his own Rybackmosphere and isn’t aware of anything that’s occurring around him.

At the start of the video you’re immediately hit with Ryback’s signature theme echoing in the background, from there you’ll greeted with a rather and admittedly large woman talking about being tired of being fat and out of shape …

Then the video takes off … and so does fucking Ryback.

You can hear the near 300 brick shit-house getting a literal full head of steam in FULL WRESTLING GEAR  and delivering a meat hook clothesline to this chick.  BOOM! Down she goes flying into the fuckin’ pool.  Poor girl could even get her hand to her nose before she went under water.  I mean, jeeeeeeeeez man, I know it’s wrestling and inter-gender matches is a thing, but is this how you want to market your fat burner? … Well, if you’re Ryback, YOU’RE GOD DAMN RIGHT IT IS ..


Then, you have this dream sequence where the big girl goes into the lake of reincarnation like she’s on the Hardy Compound, however instead of coming out as a babyface, she comes out as some hot chick.  Like, basically this monster of a man was like fuck the body positive movement, THIS is what beautiful looks like and you need to FEED ME MORE and buy my supplements or get thrown into my Las Vegas pool.

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this ad.  The level of tone deaf and red flags for an advertisement like this in today’s PC culture is just unbelievable.  And let me be clear, I personally don’t have a problem with it because everyone in the video is obviously cool with it and getting paid and to be honest, that’s all that should matter.  No one should dictate how someone gets paid and we definitely don’t need the PC police telling someone how to sell their own product.  If that’s what the Ryback wants then that’s what the Ryback gets.

Now, as a person who takes physical fitness extremely seriously, I’m not all about fat burners either.  I don’t really believe in them because I prefer just caffeine, hard work and no fucking excuses.  I also just don’t think a supplement can actually “burn fat”.  HOWEVER … after this ad, I think I might just have to change my mind.  I might just have to go to FEED ME MORE Nutrition and buy me a bottle of zero fucks given.  At the minimum, it’ll be a constant reminder of this video, and for that, I’m eternally in debt to the man who literally changed his name to Ryback so Vince McMahon couldn’t block him from using the name he helped build.  Now that I think about it, I think I just found the one person who might be crazier than Vince McMahon.

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