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Rumor Has It that WWE Is Looking to Sign Indy Superstar Matt Riddle. Here’s What You Should Know

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About a year ago, Matt Riddle had a very quiet meeting with some top WWE brass. They obviously loved what they saw, and who wouldn’t? What you have in Riddle is a man who was once one of the brightest prospects in the MMA world, who left it all to become the biggest indy wrestler on the scene, all because he uses marijuana to deal with his ADHD. Two cloudy piss tests and he decided to say fuck UFC, who signed him after a single amateur fight to put his talent in perspective, to move into the world of pro wrestling. Triple H has personally gone to see Riddle in action, and he probably would be someone who we’d be talking about as the next hot call up right now, if it wasn’t for the WWE wellness policy. A report from WON and Nick’s favorite wrestling reporter, Dave Meltzer, says that 1)word on the street is WWE has changed their stance on Riddle, and 2) Riddle has made sure he has no obligations of any kind after August 17th, which is the friday of Summerslam weekend. To make this even more likely, he also has zero contract to worry about with any promotion around that time, meaning he will be free to make the move.

This is an exciting move for WWE in my opinion. This is another sign that they are actually listening to the fans no matter what weekly television leads you to believe. Riddle is clearly a fan favorite. He wrestles a very MMA centric style thats equal parts quickness, technical mastery, and brutality. He’s long and shredded with the body of a kickboxer, with the style of a total cali bro. His nickname is “the king of the bros”, but hes a bro in the sense of a long haired, super chill, stoned surfer / skater bro instead of the frat bro type of bro.

If you click here, you’ll find that youtube is full of full matches of Riddle’s from all over the indies, as well as highlight packages & interviews to give you a better background on who he is and why you should be really excited for this signing. Bottom line, this dude is legit and could easily be a future WWE champ as long as he has no problem with the WWE ” pot tax” (the 2500 clams you gotta fork over if you test positive for it. so many WWE superstars smoke that this is what they call it now. Maybe this is a step to them removing it down the line. Anyways, get familiar with Mr. Riddle because he’s coming to the big time, and he’s gonna be HUGE.

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