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Andrew Luck Will Be Ready For Camp, But Won’t Throw For 7 Days … STOP PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS!!!

We have Andrew Luck news, which means that the Fantasy Season can officially be kicked off.  Not only is it news, but it’s positive news for a change.  This is something that given the history of reports on Andrew Luck dating back to last year, fantasy experts and owners can actually get excited about/convince themselves he’s going to save their season.

Ya see, this is EXACTLY what I love about Fantasy Football.  With one tweet the entire complexion of a draft strategy can change and ADPs will fluctuate more than my weight did in college.  Here’s the tweet!

…. but of course there’s that whole “not throwing” thing.  Regardless, this tweet will allow Fantasy Fanatics across the world to go apeshit and mock draft until their hands bleed.  Questions like, is TY Hilton relevant?  Is he back to being a potential early 2nd rounder … or dare I say, late 1st rounder?  Is the time right for Marlon Mack?!?!  Honestly, for some reason Luck has always been the guy that Fantasy Owners want to have on their team.  There’s something about a young stud QB that you can draft in the middle rounds that really gets the gears going!  On the flipside, he’s the same guy that people literally rostered an entire year but never took a snap.  That shit was fucked!

We’re legit like a month and change away from everyone’s draft, so this is almost perfect timing for this news.  Not only does it give us a glimmer of hope that the QB pool just got that much deeper, but it also means that the Colts could be back in the fold in terms of filling out your roster with impactful players instead of watching Jacoby Brissett get sacked more than the average porn star.

Let the Luck Train commence!  All aboard!


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