Duct Tape Bikinis Are EXCELLENT For Brand, except For the Whole Removing Them Process


Forget your swimsuit? Edgy Miami-based label the Black Tape Project has the ultimate quick fix: duct tape.

The brand sent curvy models down the Miami Swim Week catwalk in barely there looks comprised of the tacky household essential.

To replicate: just grab some from your supply closet, place it on your most intimate areas — and voilà!

That said, TBTP’s electric designs are slightly more intricate than your average DIY job.

The ones on display in Miami were fashioned in shades of black, cobalt, purple, fuchsia, gold and silver.

The only issue we can foresee? Post-beach removal.

Talk about a sticky situation.

As a man who’s not exactly what you would describe as an adonis, this option is out of the question for me. If you’re a lady who’s confident with her bod tho, oooohhh baby is this a huge hook up. Think about it. Forgetting your bathing suit SUCKS. Absolutely sucks. I’m sure some of you are like, “just swim in your underwear dipshit” but let’s be honest here, thats a trailer trash move unless it’s an impromptu late night drunken hot tub party. So it’s either no enjoying the water or having wet shorts the rest of the day if you’re a dude. If you’re a woman you probably don’t even consider the wet clothes option so you’re just not enjoying the water. Until now.

Now, all you gotta do is find the nearest Home Depot or local hardware store, grab some tape, and make yourself the hottest bathing suit in the area hands down. If only I wasn’t a fat fuck I could rock a duct tape banana hammock, but alas. Just make sure you’re all nice and cleaned up in the body hair dept ladies, because if not taking that thing off is gonna hurt like woah.

Image result for duct tape bikini

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