Pro Wrestling

As Champion, Mella is Money and You’re All Broke


I really don’t get all the hate for Carmella.  Is she Bret Hart in the ring?  No. She’s not great, but I don’t think she’s even close to being terrible.  #CanThrowOneHellOfASuperkick. From what I can see, she’s a great talker who has fully dedicated herself to the chicken-shit heel persona.  She’s got a character, she’s attractive, has great ring gear and even adds depth to her actions with James Ellsworth at her side.

So why do people (the marks) hate her?  Is it because she’s not putting on Fake 5 star classics?   Ya know, last time I checked it was the big shows like SummerSlam and WrestleMania that built up to these classics where the superstars left everything on the table.  Now, somehow over the past few years that’s what people have come to “want” and expect every … single .. segment … every … single … week?  Ummmm, fellas, marks, nerds, whatever you may be, the WWE is a TEL-E-VI-SION SHOW.  It’s not a real sport.  You need talent to bridge the gap in between those major events.

Last night was a perfect example.  You got AJ vs. Almas in the ring and Twitter is going nuts. “OMG, what a treat this is gonna be” … except one thing, 10 minutes after it was over no one gave a shit.  No one was talking about it on Twitter.  There was ZERO  buss, because frankly, there’s no reason to care.  THE MATCH IS PRE-DETERMINED, people.  This is why superstars like Carmella hold the title, because she can generate and keep a reaction and evoke emotion for weeks upon weeks.  Hate to break it to you guys, but Asuka is not going to be doing that, not right now.  Yes, her time will come, but in the meantime, you need someone who can trash talk and carry on a storyline both in the ring and outside of it.

Lastly, ya know how you get mad when she’s on screen?  Yea, that’s what she’s SUPPOSED to be doing.  Her Mella Money ain’t gonna be made doing corkscrew moonsaults from the top rope.  She’s gonna lie, cheat and steal like our boy Eddie (RIP) did by any means necessary to keep the title around her Staten Island Princess waist.

Personally, I really enjoy when she’s on screen.  She can talk, never falters or stutters and always gives you a reason to hate her … or in my case, a reason to love her.

Oh and she beat Charlotte Flair … TWICE.  Deal with it.

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