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Hey Pittsburgh WWE Fans, The Only Real Issues With Last Nights Show Was YOU


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So last week on here i bitched a little about how the buildup to this show was TRASH and how expectations were admittedly low. Still, I, a long time fan that actually thinks for himself and doesn’t just follow the social media wrestling outrage brigade, was able to still watch last nights show with an open mind. I’m glad I did because it was actually a solid show. Sure, it definitely could have been more extreme like the name suggests (simple fix for this too, is just letting them add some color to these matches like the good ol days. You have like 3 shows a year that warrant this just let it happen Vince), but it still did its job, which is to start building more towards Summerslam. Unfortunately for those of us not in attendance, the crowd in Pittsburgh wasn’t able to see it from that angle, and did pretty much everything they could to ruin a show that actually gave fans what they’ve been bitching about for the most part.

First off, Roman did the job clean for Lashley. The two of them actually wrestled a very solid match for two big guys, and Roman took the L after Lashley countered him with a huge spear, generally the Roman finisher. A clean 1-2-3 and that was that. Now Lashley matters and Roman looks good for taking the L clean and building up a guy who can help him get over in the future. Pitt crowd could care less tho which is a shame. Granted, like I said last week, the build up to this was a shit sandwich, but they came through all around last night.

Second, we got a really awesome hat tip to the attitude era out of WWE’s finest heel, Kevin Owens. Hitting the stunner on Braun, giving the “suck it” to Braun after he handcuffed him, and the spot of the night, the toss through the announce table in classic Mankind fashion. Just great work and it made that match work way better than it should have. The crowd did eat this up, as they should have. The cage toss was obviously the moment of the show and they reacted as such.

Third, we got a GREAT match out of AJ & Rusev. I’ve felt for awhile now that Rusev has main event talent. The guy is a exceptional athlete for a guy his size, has a ton of personality, and has crushed it with the Rusev Day gimmick. AJ is simply, phenomenal and was last night as always. The guy is just everything you want in an in ring performer. The two of them told a great in-ring story last night, and hopefully this becomes a storyline with some legs because I definitely want to see more out of these two. The Pittsburgh crowd was definitely weak for this match.

Fourth, we Got a Nakamura US title reign starting and the return of heel Randy Orton. Both awesome things, and also Shinsuke winning it like a total shit heel was perfect. Just cementing that heat with a low blow on a major babyface. Super curious to see where this all goes but the bottom line is the US title matters again, which is great for weekly TV.


And finally, they booked the right match to go on last. They gave us the iron man match, which was good, not great but was definitely good, to close out the show. I didn’t love that it had so many falls, but it was filled with great straight up wrestling. How does the Pitt crowd react to this, which is something I’m sure a decent portion of those in attendance bitched about online? By counting down the last ten seconds of EVERY SINGLE MINUTE like it was the rumble clock. Way to suck at trying to make the match about yourselves, losers. It was funny the first time you did it, but THIRTY TIMES IN A ROW?!?! Jeez man get OVER yourselves. Lame-o city: population everyone who participated in that last night. I actually love last nights finish BECAUSE of you guys. You sucked so bad that a quick dirty ending to the match is exactly what you deserved.

In conclusion, I feel like last night, we reached a weird point where it went from, “WWE & Vince never listen to us or give us what we want!” to, at least in my eyes, the fans being the actual biggest problem. I’m not gonna sit here and defend the recent garbage weekly TV we’ve been receiving for the last few months, but I’m also gonna stand up and give credit where credit is due. We, in a sense, got what we wanted in a lot of ways last night, yet those in attendance were too jaded to see it. It’s a shame, because a shitty crowd takes away from the product, and last night, that’s what you fans in Pittsburgh did.

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