Pro Wrestling

Extreme Rules Exposed A Bunch Of Extreme Nerds, AKA The Fans

Pittsburgh, PA, now home of nerds everywhere, thank you for exposing yourself and everything that’s wrong with the professional wrestling scene today.  I express my gratitude to you with this blog.

Ya see, this is what happens when you give a voice to people who don’t understand how to use it.  You got your NJPW, you got your NXT, your ALL IN and you now think you’re the belle of the ball …. YOU’RE SO COOL, MAN!!  “We’re gonna go to a wrestling event and mark out, yaaayyy!” … Except what you don’t realize is that the majority of us who don’t carry on like toddlers see you for what you are – a bunch of fucking nerds.  You are what we thought you were!

Congrats on ruining the night and being total hypocrites.  Last night at Extreme Rules we had a guy get thrown off a cell, an Ironman Match featuring your favorite wrestler, Seth Rollins, we had Ronda Rousey in attendance, Shinsuke Nakamura winning a title in WWE, Randy Orton turning heel, AJ Styles wrestling and last but not least, Roman Reigns losing clean dead in the middle of the ring …

Annnnnnnd you shit on it.  The problem with wrestling is you.  You’ve made it not fun to watch anymore.  It’s very clear at this point that if the name of the event isn’t NJPW or ROH that you’ll take your predisposed opinion that you and your bubble of jabroni friends have created and shit on it, especially if it’s WWE.  The new cool thing is to hate WWE, we get it.  You’re probably the same people who live in your iPhone, hate Capitalism and America.  You’re so fuckin’ edgy, bro!

Guess what?  Last night’s show was good.  If you would have just been fans, ya know, like back in the day when the world didn’t completely suck, then you would have had that place ROCKING during the Ironman match.  Now, because you decided to make last night the Royal Rumble, you probably won’t see it again for sometime until the WWE decides that your timeout is over.   Do you people realize that if you actually stop chanting for CM Punk and stop trying to get yourselves over that you can elevate a match and the live atmosphere by being invested?  Isn’t being invested what you demand out of the WWE Superstars themselves?  I strongly suggest that anyone go back and watch that Reigns/Lashley match and tell me what you think.  I’d actually bet that your tone changes and that you regret just completely shitting on it and chanting other people’s names while two big dudes put on a pretty damn good show.

Bottom line, for $9.99/month or a Free Trial, the WWE gave you a solid show last night.  Was it great?  Hell fucking no, but it had a bunch of spots that changed things up and laid the groundwork for SummerSlam.   Randy Orton is a heel.  Braun is still a monster.  Roman lost.  Lashley is credible for Brock.  Rousey is still involved.  Nakamura is US Champ etc… etc…   Ya know, what?  That’s pretty damn good if you ask me.  Granted, the last few months have been absolutely brutal, I understand that.  But just blindly shitting on a show because you can’t think for yourself is the true crime.  It says a lot more about you than it does WWE.

Lastly, I’ll say this.  The WWE DOESN’T OWE YOU SHIT.  This is a TV show, NOT a real sport.  They’re a business, not charity.  Think about it, if you tuned into a Netflix Special and Season 1 was good, but Season 2 and 3 sucked ass, would you watch season 4, 5, 6 and 7?  PROBABLY NOT, but in wrestling, you keep coming back.  At that point, it’s on you, dude.  You keep watching, you keep spending and they keep shoving this trash down your throat while taking your money as you count down from 10 every minute on the minute.  Maybe instead of doing that, just don’t watch.  At least then you’ll make a statement in the numbers …. OR you can do what I did, which was not take it that seriously, tune in on a lazy Sunday Night and watch some wrasslin’ entertainment instead of an episode of Dateline with my wife where the husband always ends up murdered in the end by some psycho ex-girlfriend or mistress.

…. marks.




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