Pro Wrestling

Seriously, What Is Finn Balor’s Character?

The guy has legit everything going for him.  Good looking dude, sweet entrance, great smile, cool hair, 78 abs and a badass collection of jackets … soooooooo why is it that every time this dude hits the screen I change the channel?

I don’t want to, but I just don’t have a reason to sit there and watch a match between “this guy and that guy”.  I don’t want people to think I’m being a total hater here either.  Real recognize real, you feel me?  He’s good in the ring.  His matches are entertaining sometimes, but my problem is that eventually there comes a point where I just don’t give a shit.  The fact is that the most intriguing thing about this guy was that deep down there lied a Demon.  Something that had to be woken for one reason or another.  Now, we don’t even get the Demon, we just get some guy that smiles regardless of what’s going on in his storyline.

Now, contrary to this blog, there are fans that LOVE Finn Balor.  Now, let me be clear, I COMPLETELY  understand the kids loving him.  Visually he’s awesome to look at and it’s easy to understand why a young child would enjoy the feisty Irishman …. BUT … for us adults?  What’s there to look forward to right now?  Maybe a faction with The Good Brothers that’s been teased 34 times but never actually done?  At least then I’d know that Finn would be in cahoots with other wrestlers with a united cause and that would at the least be …. something.

I don’t care that he has “good matches”.  I don’t watch wrestling like it’s a sport.  If you do and you’re above the age of 16, you got a problem.  Sort that shit out.  I don’t want a collection of the “greatest wrestlers in the world.”  I watch wrestling because I want to watch a TV Show. As is, I have the Mets, Islanders and Knicks to ruin my life, so I don’t need pro wrestling to add to that misery.  What I do care about is characters.  It’s why when Elias hits the screen I tell my wife to stop talking and take a Walk With Elias.  Hell, I’ll watch a No Way Jose congo line before I watch a Balor match at this point.  I want to like him, but I need a reason.  And it’s not just Balor to be clear, a lot of wrestlers in WWE have this same issue, but in Balor’s case, I just think we’re missing on a huge opportunity to have a marquee guy with all the looks and skills to be MUST SEE.  Here’s what I wrote down so far in terms of what Balor’s character could be based on what I’ve seen over the last few months.

1. Guy Who Was The First Ever Universal Champion

2. Irish Person w/ Abs

3. Balor Club 4 Everyone

4. Member, But Not A Member Of The Club

5. Smiling Person

6.  More Abs

7. Part Time Demon

8. Owner of multiple leather jackets

9. Strange Instagramer

10. Guy With The Really Cool Entrance

So to the people, I ask you, please explain to me what Finn’s character is.  I’m dying to know.  If it doesn’t, tell me why.  I’m all ears!!


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