Pro Wrestling

WWE Can’t Have Nice Things…Is Putting Samoa Joe In No Man’s Land

So I was thinking the other day, “Where is Samoa Joe at?” He has been sort of gravitating towards a title push or at least main event picture especially since being on Smackdown. However, lately, ever since the Gauntlet match for #1 Contender that Rusev won, he’s been MIA.

Now, with Extreme Rules fast approaching, you would think he would be used in some fashion on that PPV. WWE was like “Eh, nah…let’s have Balor vs Corbin in a weird, random match instead.” I love Corbin’s Constable gimmick and new look but Balor is just filler to me. Something to look at in the ring, fly through the air, do some rolls and cartwheels and shit. Meanwhile, one of the toughest, meanest SOBs on the planet is just hanging out and attacking Tye Dillinger off camera before Smackdown. Wait….what? Great use, guys. Good stuff. You couldn’t have written him into the US Title Picture? Is he going to show up and ruin AJ Styles if he retains? Maybe. But if you’re telling me he’s going to be a filler match with Tye Dillinger…okay. It better end with Joe suffocating him. Otherwise, if he is putting Dillinger over…that’s a perfect negative 10. I would be done. DONE. Tye Dillinger is new age The Count from Sesame Street. That’s not a gimmick. And it’s Samoa Joe vs Tye Dillinger. Come on, man. WTF is happening?

Samoa Joe could have feuded with Big E even or won a match to somehow get put into the WWE title match and made it Triple Threat as well. ANYTHING. But the writers and management continue to sit on their fucking hands and poop themselves. Better turn this around REAL QUICK. Or maybe MAYBE, he’s just hurt. That really better be the case. Or I swear, Vince…I will do absolutely nothing and continue to watch.

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