Pro Wrestling

Extreme Rules Has Been Built Up So Badly That It’s Gonna Take a LOT of Suprises To Save It

This Sunday night is the WWE Extreme Rules ppv. One that I have attended in the past (Newark a few years ago when Seth Rollins returned to close out the show. Great time) and that is normally one of the better of the non “Big 5” (MITB is a big one as far as I’m concerned. Has way too much bearing on what goes on storyline wise not to be). This year however, the build up for it has been pretty bad. On the Raw side it’s been downright terrible, but the Smackdown side gave us a couple of glimmers of hope. Even their pre-show match of New Day vs Sanity in a tables match (have to put your opponent through a table to win) is more anticipated than pretty much every Raw match minus the iron man match for the IC strap. One of the better and more “in touch with the fans” moves the blue brand made was having Rusev battle AJ Styles for the WWE Title. Should be a very entertaining main event since AJ could make a burlap sack look good in the ring, and Rusev is criminally underrated as a performer and the fans know it.

Except it’s not the main event because according to WWE guidelines, apparently all main events must include Roman Reigns. Instead of getting a title match that has the potential to be awesome, we get Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley in an Extreme Rules match that has been built up worse than a mud hut in Haiti. We had an in ring confrontation, followed by the same tag match 2 weeks in a row, followed by the “let’s have the entire locker room try and break it up” confrontation for the go home show. To make matters worse, neither of them have any momentum right now with the fans. Reigns is supposed to be the babyface and the whole arena boos him to the point that they mess with the sound in the broadcast (I’ve re-watched events that I have been at with him there so this is no internet rumor. It’s true and super lame. Just make him a heel he has the look of a heel anyway), and Lashley comes out to nothing but his music because no one gives a shit since his return has been a snoozefest of epic proportions. The only babyface pop he’s gonna get all year is on Sunday, since as long as you’re facing Roman you get a hero’s welcome. The fucking Brooklyn Brawler could face Roman Sunday and the place would go bananas for him.

Overall this ppv is looking like one of the ones that the expectations are super low for. I don’t think it’s gonna be Backlash bad, but it could be. There’s really only one true hope for this show, and that’s a shit ton of swerves to start the Summerslam build up. Like, for instance, a returning superstar (paging Mr. Ambrose). Maybe some interference that costs someone a belt (COUGH Drew McIntyre COUGH Samoa Joe COUGH). Maybe some blood since this is Extreme Rules after all. Bottom line, this show is gonna need something special because if it stays as currently advertised, then this thing is gonna stink like Rikishi’s undercarriage after a match. OOOF.

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