What’s The Best In-Theater Movie Experience You’ve Ever Had?

So as most of you have already heard (unless you hate humor and fun), Sacha Baron Cohen is making his return to our television sets with his new series, “Who Is America?”.  As soon as I heard this was a real thing I immediately got brought back to what was for me, the greatest in-theater movie experience of my life.

It was 2006 and I was a senior in college.  A few of my friends had been talking about this Ali G guy and his whole schtick.   I watched a couple in passing and didn’t really pay attention, but for some reason everyone was insisting that we all go to the theater on this very night.  Needless to say, what transpired in that theater was nothing short of an out of body experience.

The theater was absolutely packed with people my own age – rowdy college kids galore, all filled with anticipation like it was a fucking tailgate.  At that moment, I knew what I was about to see what something far greater than what I had anticipated seeing.  I knew at the minimum that it would be special, and that assumption was by far, the greatest under-estimation of my life.

After the first few scenes I was a changed person.  I was equal parts shocked, mortified and hysterical.  It was as if I lost control over my body and had sacrificed it to the comedy gods.  I laughed for literally over 2 hours straight.  Before each skit, I was overcome with a sense of fear and anxiety.  It’s like when you’re a kid watching a cringe worthy scene on TV and you pull the pillow in front of your face until it’s over.  It was JUST LIKE THAT except I had paid the money and didn’t want to look like a bitch, so I forced myself to endure the glorious punishment … until the punchline.  Then I laughed uncontrollably.

The night in the theater was taxing on my body and soul.  I was both mentally and physically exhausted.  It was a marathon and sprint all in one.  Non-stop jokes and disgusting, appalling, yet perfect humor that reached a climax with Borat taking his literal shit and bringing it to the dinner table for a few fine folks.  Personally, I wouldn’t have the balls to do 99.9% of what Sacha Baron Cohen did in that movie.  Legit, I’m a pussy and he’s a man in that regard.  There’s trying to be funny and then there’s Sacha Baron Cohen.  He has no equal, just like that night has no equal for me.

Do you have a favorite in-theater movie experience?  If so, what was it?  Hit me up on Twitter @NickVacation or comment below.


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