This No Bra Trend Now Has A Higher Purpose, and Dammit I Support It!


One of the most annoying things about having a headache is not knowing why you have it. Maybe you haven’t been drinking enough water throughout the day. Perhaps your inbox anxiety is sitting in the red zone. It could be that you have a rare and untreatable form of brain cancer (if you’re taking your advice from Google).

Or, it simply may be your bra doesn’t fit properly. Did you know that one D-cup breast weighs over 1 pound? That’s a pound on your chest that is likely straining your neck and could cause headaches.

What’s more, research shows 78 percent of women across the globe are wearing the incorrect size, often leading to back, shoulder, breast and neck pain.

As a resident of the borough of Brooklyn, I tend to see a lot of interesting trends on a regular basis. Some to the point where they become commonplace to me while they would still get a reaction from someone who’s not from here. One of the more recent, and better trends in my personal opinion, is the no bra trend that has been sweeping the streets of NYC. I go out with some friends for some outdoor drinking on a Saturday, and there’s not a bra as far as the eye can see. Titties getting the freedom they deserve. Just chillin like the rest of us. LET EM BREATHE I say, and like a true Brooklyn hipster douche, I said this before it was cool (flips hair back while saying it).

HOWEVAAAA, thanks to a little thing called science, it turns out this is good for everyone, not just my wandering pupils. You see, those uncomfortable over the shoulder boulder holders were just causing headaches left & right! 78% of women are suffering because of bras people! This cause needs more attention. While everyone is freaking out over whatever controversy the media has created for twitter today, we have REAL problems. The boobs we love so dearly need to be freed, so the heads of our women can feel relief!

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