Pro Wrestling

The Moonwalk DDT was more OVER than any move at the NJPW G1 Special

I’ve been saying it over and over and over again – Character > In Ring.

At what point will wrestling fans see the irony in the fact that they claim that we are in this era of “professional wrestling” where work rate and being able to put on great matches is the most important thing, yet in the same vein, they “mark out” over a Moonwalk DDT performed by a Michael Jackson impersonator?


People, listen to me when I tell you this.  Wrestling is about characters and entertainment.  The minute you try and look at these guys and girls as an equivalent to professional athletes in real sports, I hate to break it to ya, but you’ve essentially lost your way as a human being.  It’s that simple.

Over the weekend, the G1 Special happened.  Also over the weekend, a Moonwalk DDT happened …

Which do you think is more memorable?  Spoiler Alert! Your answer is below …

That’s professional wrestling, folks.  When you can get the casuals and the diehards all agreeing that one thing is awesome.  That’s where you know you’ve made the money.

There is approximately .001% of people that would have remembered the Phoenix Plex done to Takahashi.  If the move was never done, it wouldn’t have changed a damn thing in that match and we’d have one less broken neck and one less future in question.  Well, it was done, and now the dude’s life is changed.  Oh, full recovery you say?  Oh, okay, let’s see what happens when the dude turns 60 years old and he can’t turn his head or has chronic pain.  Ya know kids, life after wrestling does exist, I promise.  Also, if you think having a broken neck won’t have lingering effects then you must also believe in Dave Meltzer’s fake star ratings, because you’re just lying to yourself.  Don’t be that person.

Seriously, I’m actually mad and I shouldn’t be.  It’s just wrestling.  I should be entertained by it and that’s that, but noooooooo, I have to watch a guy literally almost die in the ring and then have to see people on Twitter defending the move.  I have to read people and fake journalists like Meltzer compare that ridiculous fucking move to Paige’s neck injury, as if they’re anything relatively similar?  Not to mention, acting as if it’s not a big deal.  These are people’s lives we’re talking about and they going out there and killing themselves (almost literally) for FAKE STARS.


When does it stop?  Well, it should stop by realizing that you can dress up like the King Of Pop, moonwalk, hit a DDT and get a BETTER REACTION than any move that took place at the G1 and it’s not even close.  That’s the wrestling we should want.   It’s the same reason why ELIAS is more over than Shinsuke Nakamura and the guy doesn’t even have to wrestle.  WALK WITH ELIASSSS!!!

Listen, I’m all for cool moves, but there has to be a line and that line as it stands now is fucking GONE.  ZERO.  And it’s because of the absolute nonsense that wrestling fans have been spewing for a few years now, where somehow these moves are perceived as more important than character.

But who am I, right?  I’ve never been in the ring.  I’ve never taken a bump.  BUT, I have watched wrestling and I have paid for PPVs and I can assure you, a Phoenix Plex isn’t a reason I’ve ever done those things.

Fun fact: Combined, the two biggest stars ever in wrestling had approximately 6 moves.  You do the math or just use some common sense.


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