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I’ve Gain 6LBs Watching Otis Dozovic’s Instagram Feed

In High School I weighed 225lbs.  At 5’7 inches “tall”, that’s a load to carry.  I achieved such gluttonous greatness by crushing 2 ham egg and cheeses on everything bagels every morning.  I’d then move to lunch and effortlessly thrown down 2 slices of pizza, fries, a regular coke and a chipwich … add in a few bags of chips throughout the day for good measure.  Dinner would be either fast food or an uncomfortably amount of fats and carbs.   Dessert … well, let’s just say that no-holds barred was the stipulation.

It took some good ol’ Late 90’s/Early 2000’s encouragement (ya know, when we weren’t all a bunch of pussies) from my coaches and family to get me on track … and the fact that I wanted to attract a female at some point in my life to get myself on the road to health and fitness.  I’ve carried those good habits into my early 30s (with some bumps and falls along the way #college) and have for the most part, gotten into the best shape of my life all these years later.

HOWEVER … (Stephen A. Smith voice) …. I’m not stupid.  I know, just like every former fatty knows that once you have that inner fat kid in you, HE NEVER LEAVES.  I can still with little to no effort put down massive portions of food at will.  It’s appalling for the virgin eye to see, but deep down, I take pride in it.  My stomach is a bottomless pit that is one bad afternoon away from a 6,000 calorie day.  Carbs, Sweets, Fats, Proteins, ALL THE MACROS, ALL THE TIME, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOUR LABEL SAYS!!

Here’s quick video of where my night went after watching Dozer’s IG feed on the weekend …


Which brings me to my recent “weight gain”.  Now technically, I didn’t even have to eat bad to have the scale dial it upwards.  Basically what happened was over the 4th of July break I started watching A LOT of Instagram feeds, but out of all of them, it was NXT’s Otis Dozovic’s feed that got the ol’ stomach growling.  I’m not kidding when I tell you this, my mouth started to water each time I refreshed.  The dude .. can .. cook (and eat).

The dude CRUSHES monster meals every … single … day.  It’s so f’n impressive that I got full one afternoon just watching him order sushi … or as he would say “ArigattAAAASSSAAAAA”.  We’re talking like 6 rainbow rolls covered in spicy mayo head to toe.  And I have no doubt he crushed it.

Also, you know how him and his Heavy Machinery partner, Tucker Knight chant “Steaks and Weights”? … Ummm, it’s not a gimmick bro.  Like, I’m not kidding you, the burgers and the brats are some of the most juicy, beautiful slabs of meat I’ve ever seen.  If you think it stops there, you’re wrong, there’s also TACO TUESDAY, which he NEVER misses.  Ground and grounds and grounds of meet covered in jalepenooooOSSAAAAAAASsss.  The heat, the cheese, the melting and the crunch … all in a days work of big Otis.  Here’s some of the examples of what you’ll find on his @dozovicwwe feed that caused me to gain 6LBs within what felt like 24 hours over 4th of July …




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