The NBA Is A Living, Breathing Joke…Just Kidding The NBA Is Dead

No, that picture is not the 2020 Summer Olympics Men’s Basketball team. That’s the current Golden State Warriors. Can someone please take a time machine back to 2010 and slap the shit out of Lebron James and tell him not to do “The Decision?” Maybe ask Savannah Brinson to come get your man and talk some sense into him? Because honestly, that is the domino that fell that set allllll of the bullshit in motion that is the NBA today. Superteams. Pals ring hunting. Players dictating the personnel for a team instead of coaches and GMs. Team fans are dead. It’s bandwagon player fans now. The team with the most “fans?” Lebron James. Or The Warriors. Why? Because they are both the best. Lebron, the best individual who can carry a team full of fucking cadavers and the Warriors who are the definition of a Super Team. 5 All NBA players on one team. That, my friends, is just plain dumb.

Don’t blame Demarcus Cousins for taking less money and joining Golden State. Blame all the other teams and the league. You all let this happen especially Adam Silver. The NBA is now just a 12 year old playing Franchise mode and doing a fantasy draft and just picking insanely lopsided teams. Hey, I mean, this is all within league rules, for sure. How can one really complain? Well, that’s the problem…this league needs some god damn rules in place. Monopolizing talent in professional basketball can’t be stopped if everything falls in to places: attitudes, salaries, cap, personalities, etc. But there needs to be a better system in place like better caps, a rating system for talent, or adding an expansion team? IDK, but FIX IT. Competition is dead.

Now there’s a chance like a Muggsy Bogues-sized chance that Boogie Cousins doesn’t make as big of an impact as people think. He’s coming off an Achilles injury, which is extremely tough for big men, and he’s known to rub people the wrong way. So there’s that. But as it stands, the Warriors, the fucking WARRIORS, THE NBA CHAMPIONS…just got better and finally got their big man. Oh and he can shoot from the 3.

So Lebron, you got your LA. You started the movement of your cast of minions around you like Rondo and Stephenson. You’re waiting for Kawhi to join you. And it still won’t be enough. The Warriors are Thanos with the motherfuckin’ gauntlet. Sure, I’m pumped the East now belongs to the Celtics. And no, the 76ers, Pacers and Raptors don’t have enough to stop a Boston team that made it to the conference finals last year without their two best players. It’s the Celtics and Warriors in the 2019 Finals. So this is now WWE. We more than likely know the results are pre-determined…for the next 10 years unless some drastic shit happens. Hey but at least it’s entertaining, right? Right???


  1. You are correct. It’s become a powerhouse of 1-2 teams, with 2-3 other teams who are (ACTUAL teams with 1 star or less) just trying to keep up. Except that the Celtics are not even close to the finals, and most likely won’t be for many years to come.


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