Bigger Weekend Scumbag: John Tavares or LeBron James?

What a weekend it was and I can’t wait to forget it forever.  It all started with #TavaresWatch, where John Tavares, the New York Islanders franchise player was due to become a Free Agent or have the team that drafted him re-sign him to a long term deal that where he could end his career on “The Island”.  He spent what seemed like forever telling the fanbase that he wanted to remain and Islander, only to tell us that in reality it was his life long dream since a boy to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Ummm, bro, if that way the case … what the fuck?  We got nothing for him in return.  We could have trade him, but instead, no we’re just back to rebuilding.  Luckily for the Islanders, they have an upcoming super in Barzel and management that is actually mentally competent.  Still though, losing Tavares hurts.  The whole situation is an embarrassment of epic proportions.  There’s so many people to put blame on, I don’t know where to start.

The weekend ended with LeBron James, the multiple time NBA Champion, MVP and universally known best player on the planet leaving Cleveland in the dust for the second time to chase the bright lights of a better City.  And no, he did not sign with the Knicks, despite our City lights being the brightest.  Instead he used his brain and avoided that dog shit franchise at all cost and signed with the LA Lakers.  I’m not shocked … at all.  The most shocking thing about all of this is that Lonzo Ball is going to win games and head to the Championship his first year with LeBron.  Like LaVar Ball would say, Lonzo is gonna bring this team to the playoffs.  Well, they may go off a technicality now that LeBron is here, but the roster is the roster.  Too bad for everything else.  Go cry about it ..

So who’s the bigger scumbag?
Personally, I’m giving it to Tavares because at the end of the day LeBron is so bad at faking his own image that you gotta respect it when he does stuff like this.  “I’m just a kid from Akron” … ummm, yea, no fucking chance, bro.  He went to Cleveland to say he brought the Cavs a Championship.  When the team won, he gave his teammates praise and when they lost, he made it known that he’s the only person on the floor worth a damn.  And while all those things are horrendous characteristics, it’s so LeBron it hurts.   And it hurts so bad, that you learn to embrace the pain.


Tavares however … what a fucking scumbag.  Dude, if you wanted to pursue your dreams that bad you shouldn’t have had to wait this long.  I honestly feel he knew deep down the whole time where he was gonna go.  I mean, he literally changed his Twitter bio within seconds of the news breaking.  It’s as if he knew it the whole time and would just dream of the day where he got to live out this childhood dream.


I’ve been around the Twitter game long enough to know that when your putting up baby photos of yourself that it’s all premeditated.  No one just have that shit lying around in their late 20s and 30s.  That requires a call to mom and having your parents understand the internet enough to be able to send an email, which is no open net easy task.


Johnny T, I wish you nothing but the worst.  As far as I’m concerned you never even existed.


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