James Dolan To Sell The Knicks and Rangers? … YES, PLEASE!

CBS SPORTS –   James Dolan, the owner that Knicks fans love to hate, may be laying the groundwork for a sale of the franchise. Shares in Madison Square Garden Co. soared on the news.

Late yesterday Dolan announced he was exploring a spin-off that would separate the Knicks and the Rangers from the rest of Madison Square Garden. While Dolan would remain in charge of the teams, at least at first, putting them together in a separate public company would offer him the chance to whittle down his stake easily if he chooses. Dolan is understood to be more interested in music and building cutting-edge entertainment venues than sports.

GET THIS GUY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE KNICKS!  I’m an Islander fan, so he can stay with the Rangers all he wants.  Run those bitches into the ground for all I care, but please, by all means, sell the Knicks.

Give them away for free.  Give them away for a zillion dollars.  I don’t care, just please, disappear James Dolan.  If it wasn’t for Fred Wilpon being potentially a worse owner than Dolan, it would be Dolan that has the undisputed title of the worst person to ever own a sports organization of all time unanimously.

Even though the Knicks are still no where near competing.  They have one dude in KP and a bunch of guys with “potential”, but that’s it.  They stink.  HOWEVER, if James Dolan is gone and not associated with the Knicks then I can assure you that THE GARDEN WILL ROCK LIKE THE KNICKS ARE IN THE FINALS.  That’s how big it’ll be.

Dolan leaving would mean optimism.  It would mean that there is a glimmer of hope that this hopeless, pathetic, awful, shitty, disrespectful, waste of time franchise could one day return to prominence.

Do I think it’ll happen, no f’n way.  This is one big rib on Knicks fans out there that want to see this creature of the night, gargoyle lookin’ clown never show his face at the Garden again.  If anything, you know that this is one big smoke screen and that James Dolan and his shitty band will be performing at half time during opening night.  How do I know this?  It’s simple … I have common sense and my sports teams are destined for misery.  Same story.  Same channel.   Same ol’ Knicks.

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