Pro Wrestling

The Anniversary of Taker vs Mankind Hell in a Cell is Today, so Let’s Reminisce About This Masterpiece

20 years ago today. at King of the Ring 1998, one of my all time favorite matches took place: The Undertaker vs Mankind hell in a cell. This match absolutely blew my mind when it happened. To this day, it still blows my mind. the spots in this match were like nothing we had ever seen at the time. The risks taken by both Taker and Mankind were insane. The fact Mankind was even able to continue after the fall from the top of the cell through the announce table is absolutely a miracle. JR’s call there was Howard Cosell level of awesome. Vince literally had them lifting the cage to stop the match while every EMT in the area attended to Mankind, WITH TAKER STILL UP TOP. This leads to another insane bump with Mankind going through the top of the cage and leaving a massive divot in the ring. The timeless image of Mankind smiling like a psychopath, covered in blood, with a tooth in his nostril was one of the many amazing things that came from this battle. I actually found the match in full so it’s posted below for your viewing pleasure. I know I’ll be watching it when i get home later. Have a nice day!

PS: King of the Ring NEEDS to be brought back. One of the great annual PPVs during its run. Our boy Dan has an EXCELLENT idea on how to bring it back and I really hope it comes true. Let’s see if you guys can guess it.

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