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GLOW Returns Tomorrow On Netflix…Thank You Jesus

If you missed the first season of the Netflix original, GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, come on), you, my friend, are missing out. The show is kind of like Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here in the sense it’s right about when wrestling and stand up comedy blew up. People were looking for entertainment, in person or on TV, and people appreciated the art, believed in it. The show gives you the revolution of women in wrestling led by Marc Maron as the owner and promoter Sam Sylvia and dazzling performances from Alison Brie and many others.

And guess what? Like Nick Vacation and Rich have said…it’s all about the CHARACTER. This is where that thinking all started. People didn’t want to see a bland personality with technical moves then and they don’t want it now. A great character works and the wrestling comes later. That gimmick can always salvage bad wrestling. And well let’s face it, these women when they started weren’t the most athletic…they were god damn smart and played up to the crowd. The feuds (some semi-real), the bravado and just something new.

One of the most interesting storylines I can’t wait to see play out besides each of these woman’s stories is the story of Machu Picchu who comes from wrestling pedigree including her brothers, one of which played by the Funkasaurus Brodus Clay. You really pull for her to make it big and overcome her fears and hopefully get the GLOW belt. Of course Brie’s storyline with her ex-friend now co-wrestler is also fascinating. Most importantly, it’s funny as hell. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough for suplexing myself on to the couch for binging.