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FACT: Velveteen Dream Will Be The Most Successful Main Roster Talent To Ever Come From NXT …

Before I get started I’m going to tell you what success is to me.  Success is, for the most part, subjective based on the individual.  For example, you don’t have to be a millionaire to be successful … you see what I’m saying?  For professional wrestling, there are people out there who think success is being regarded as the best wrestler in the world and there are others that believe it’s the person who moves the most merchandise.  The bottom line is that’s it’s all an opinion, with the one exception being …. the D.R.E.A.M.

Long story short, this blog stems from a Tweet I put up last night after re-watching Dream’s entrance at the last NXT Takeover ..

What I’m about to say is a stone cold fact, reasoning being because I’m taking all of those things mentioned above and applying it to one man.  I’m talking money, merchandise, fan acceptance, love, hate, admiration, in ring work, promo skills, all … of … it.  That’s the type of success I’m talking about.   In the words of the Velveteen Dream, “you can show it, but can you make em’ feel it?”  … That’s the difference.

More so than Roman.  More than Rollins.  More than Balor, Wyatt, Enzo, Owens.  More than ALL of them, The Velveteen Dream will be the most successful wrestler from NXT to take his talents to the main roster and flourish.

The main objection I’ve had to my point of view is that Vince McMahon misuses people on the main roster.  That’s true, he does, but he also plays by a different set of rules and goals.  He’s not concerned with getting your approval as much as he is his quarterly revenue numbers.  It is in my opinion that THIS is the reason why a guy like Roman Reigns is continually sent down our throat.  It’s because Vince has not seen anyone since John Cena come and grab his attention as a potential FACE of the company.  So if that’s the case, why should he work so hard to build the next superstar?  Remember, like DREAM said, he’s “gotta feel it”.  Clearly Vince hasn’t yet, so he went with what he knows, which is the good looking Samaon badass that the kids will like.  This doesn’t transcend the business, but it does keep the money rolling it.  It’s best for business until the performers prove otherwise.

The problem for years on the main roster has been that the WWE has gotten away from developing characters.  While I enjoy the likes of Adam Cole and Seth Rollins of the world, the bottom line is they’re just men with names that are good at wrestling.  What is their CHARACTER?  There isn’t a person out there right now that can tell me what Adam Cole’s character is.  In my opinion, when that happens, a ceiling is placed on that individual in terms of the impact they’ll be able to make on a global scale … and more importantly, in Vince McMahon’s head.   THIS is why they flounder on the main roster.  Not because Vince takes away their push, but because they don’t give him enough of a reason to keep it going.

… THE VELVETEEN DREAM though does give that reason!

When people respond to my tweet saying that they fear for The Velveteen Dream on the main roster, I laugh.  I laugh because they’re comparing a guy who is COMPLETELY different than all who have come before him outside of Bray Wyatt.  Folks, it’s simple, the Velveteen Dream is what a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING/SPORTS ENTERTAINERS should be.  The other guys? … Nah, they’re not.  They’re the flavor of the week while the DREAM is the whole damn ice cream shop.

Need a quick example using other wrestlers?  Sure.  In terms of the business, Elias is more of a true professional wrestler than Adam Cole.  That’s not opinion.  That’s fact.   Sure, Cole gets a nice pop and a chant, but as the D.R.E.A.M. said, does he make ya feel it? The answer is that after you scream ADAM COLE BABAAYYYYY at the top of your lungs that all you’re left with are the moves, whereas as with Elias, you feel it as soon as he gives his guitar a quick stroke.  That’s being over.  Having your name chanted isn’t.

Also, DREAM hasn’t even had to win.  He lost to Black.  He lost to Ricochet, but who in the end will be more over?  Who is the person you leave saying “WHO WAS THAT GUY?” ….  If you don’t say The Dream, you’re lying to yourself.  The moves of Black and Ricochet are amazing, don’t get me wrong, but the Dream is why you cared they connected.

Lastly, he’s got the total package in terms of presentation.  Good looking kid, strong, tall, good body.  Holy hell, the kid is only 22 years old and beyond his years as a performer.  So you gotta ask yourself … what’s he gonna be in 5-10-15 years?  I’ll tell you what he’ll be …




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