Watching Nic Cage’s New Trailer For Mandy Will Make You Think You Are Nicolas Cage

In other words, you will feel absolute god damn crazy after watching it. I had to do a triple take. Yeah, I watched it three times and I sort of think I need to be checked in to an Asylum. Seriously…can ANYONE explain to me what in the blue hell is going on here? You could almost argue this is a documentary. Is this just what Nic’s brain looks like at all times? On fire, full of toxicity, gore, screaming and mutated scourge of the underworld? I think so. Don’t @ me. Not up for debate. Take a look yourself.

It’s going to be okay! DO NOT FREAK OUT! You are okay. Breathe. That was unreal, huh? Now having said all that…I need to say it…yesterday. STAT. I don’t know what taking acid is like but this seems as close as you can get and then having a very bad trip. Also, Mandy based on who I think she is in the movie…she doesn’t seem worth it, man! Just chalk it up as an L and go home dude. If Tree of Life had a baby with Evil Dead, Wicker Man and Legend, you get this movie it seems. Just a total cluster. One can only hope this catches fire…literally. But seriously hope it does well so Nic can climb out of his endless debt.

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