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Inmates Run Away From Guards Hoping To Impress XFL Scouts … I Think?

NY POST – VIDEO – Two prisoners escaped from a facility in Georgia by simply running away from a guard while taking out the trash. Fortunately, both Shane Saip and Willie Ames Driver were recaptured within two days without any serious incident.


These guys are no Andy Dufrene I’ll tell ya that.

The only logical explanation I have for these two jabronis running away from a prison guard with absolutely zero idea where to go is that they’re planning on making parole and trying out for the XFL.

I’m like 97% sure these two guys got wind that the XFL is coming back since you gotta think that some of the guys that played in the league back in the day may have spent some time in the big house, thus having connections and the fast track to a spot on the Memphis Maniacs.  Am I making a generalization of who plays in the XFL? … umm, no, I’m not, I’m simply just using my brain since one of the marquee players of the original XFL went by the name of “DEATH BLOW”, which from what I know, is a big time felony.


I mean, those two dudes just took off running with no plan.  Apparently one of them was cornered in a fucking barn shortly after this?  Like dude, at least have a plan.  Make some connections to the outside or something before you try a stunt like this.   AND THIS is why I gotta think that this “stunt” is exactly that, a publicity stunt.

I have to believe that these two are probably sitting in their cell thinking that after they make parole that they’ll be shipped off to go work at a grocery store asking for a piss break like Red was in Shawshank Redemption.  So instead of realizing that fate, they decide to take their talents to the prison security camera hoping that it’ll make its way to Vince McMahon’s desk to help bypass the XFL application process and land a spot on 60 man roster.

What do you guys think their 40 time was?  I’m gonna go with 4.8, nothing too crazy, not elite, but not terrible.  I mean, the guard didn’t even try to run them down, so he probably knew they had some wheels.

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