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I Am A LOCK To Tune In to Miz and Mrs. on USA Network July 24th

Yes, Dan. We are all WELL aware of your love and admiration for Miz. He is the best heel on the mic in the wrestling business (sans Jericho). He should be a champion of some belt. His Miz TV segments give me a reason to tune in even when WWE is at its slowest. He is THE man currently in WWE. I am a fucking mark, people. I need more.

Sure, his movie career has left a LOT to be desired but that’s how you start. Anyone remember The Rock’s first appearance as Scorpion King as a CGI monstrosity? Puke-worthy. But The Miz is going back to his roots, guys. Before Miz was on Tough Enough and WWE (sidenote: remember when he lost to fucking DANIEL PUDER? Yeah, you want that one back, Vince), he was on reality TV. He ruled the waves of MTV with Real World and The Challenge. He was riveting, controversial and so, so slithering schemy like a snake. And I ATE it up. He was a believable bully but he had the charisma, the charm and hey, he’s also a natural athlete that works VERY hard. “The Miz” was a gimmick Mike Mizanin made up before he even thought about wrestling professionally. It was his alter ego and made for some entertaining television.

Now he’s back on Reality TV starring with his wife Maryse. I personally think it’s very intriguing to see how Miz ticks now behind the curtain. I think he’s one of the most likeable, genuine and candid personalities even when he’s just himself. Sure there will be played up antics and all sorts of hi jinx and shenanigans but we get to see how Mike Mizanin is now that his dream has come true. He lives the perfect life now…or does he? I am ALL IN to see what the story is. Yeah, I am marking out and know this isn’t the REAL REAL behind the scenes but it’s as close as we get now-a-days without a TMZ ambush on the street.

Most importantly, we know this will play in to the growing Daniel Bryan feud. Miz is better at reality TV than DB. It’s just facts, people. YES! YES! YES!

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