Guy Fieri is Getting a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. Welcome to Flavortown, Hollywood!!!

Source of Flavortown

Guy Fieri was announced Monday as one of a handful of celebrities to be honored in the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s Walk of Fame Class of 2019, Variety reports.

The 50-year-old celebrity chef will be inducted in the category of television

 Fieri has starred in a string of top-rated Food Network series, including the Emmy-nominated “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” as well as “Guy’s Grocery Games,” “Guy’s Family Road Trip,” and most recently, “Guy’s Big Project” and “Guy’s Ranch Kitchen.”

The TV personality and father of two has also opened over 63 restaurants across the world, both in the United States and abroad, and on both dry land and abord cruise ships, according to Delish.

In 2017, he opened up a restaurant in the world’s largest retirement community, which is home to around 119,000 individuals.

Furthermore, the Mayor of Flavortown has supported various charities over the years, including The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Best Buddies International, and his own, Cooking with Kids.

More recently, he teamed up with the Salvation Army in October of 2017 to cook for thousands of people who were evacuated from their homes during the California wildfires.

His signature spikey hair, sunglasses and goatee have even made him a fan-favorite Halloween costume, whichhe thinks is funny.

“It’s cool. You gotta be able to laugh. You gotta be able to enjoy it,” he once told People magazine.

Finally, after years of haters and losers trying to take him down. Discrediting his expertise based on his fashion choices. Trashing his (admittedly not great) chain restaurant that he opened in Manhattan just to make corny jokes (looking at YOU, NY TIMES). FINALLY, THE WALK OF FAME IS GOING TO FLAVORTOWN!!!

Good to see Guy Fieri get this recognition. I feel like he’s nothing less than a good dude. Just look at his show, Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives. That show boosts the business to the restaurants featured on it a TON. Like a HUGE boost. I know this first hand since I have a relative who’s restaurant was featured on one of these types of programs. Even the re-runs give a sizable boost in business. It’s a very good thing. Plus, he always finds them in random places, so now we all have this map of good eats no matter where we are, thanks to shows like his.

Also, who doesn’t love a good DDD marathon? Nothing better than going down that Triple D rabbit hole on a Friday after Happy hour. You sit down, roll up a little somethin somethin, grab a few cold ones from the fridge, and get inspired to order something delicious to be delivered.

So congratulations to the Mayor of Flavortown. You deserve this honor and we here at Bad For Brand thank you for all the delectable extra calories you help us consume.

guy fieri

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