TERRIBLE FOR BRAND: USGA Won’t Give King Among Men John Daly a Cart Even Though His Knee is Destroyed


John Daly announced Monday he is withdrawing from the US Senior Open — as a result of a deteriorating right knee and what he believes to be a bad ruling.

The USGA denied the 52-year-old’s request for a golf cart during the tournament, which begins Thursday, after he filed a request that said it was necessary due to difficulties with his knee.

“Unfortunately—I had to WD from the US SENIOR OPEN. The deteriorating osteoarthritis isn’t helping my rt knee,” Daly wrote on Twitter. “I fall under the @ADANational but @USGA turned down a cart for me this week. Just going to give the knee a rest. Don’t know what’s ahead for me.”

USGA released a statement shortly after Daly’s tweets that stated he did not have enough evidence of the walking condition.

“Each request is reviewed individually. We respect the privacy of all players and cannot discuss any medical conditions,” USGA tweeted. “We offered Mr. Daly the opportunity to provide additional information to support his request. He decided to withdraw this morning.”

Daly then took to Twitter to answer the statement, claiming that USGA never requested any additional information, which he said he would have provided.

“I ‘WD’ bc @USGA had already made their decision after our exhaustive medical submission,” Daly said. “Any claim to the contrary is pure fiction.”

We got a little he said / she said with the GAWD John Daly and the WEENIES over at the USGA. Let me fix this situation for you dip shits over there ruling on poor John Daly’s knee from your little golf ivory tower:


You want people to care about the Senior Open? Then you gotta have the big attraction. The man who could out drink every man on the property. The man who smokes more cigs than Hollywood Nick Vacation does burpees at crossfit. The man who drives the ball so savagely he makes Happy Gilmore shit his sweatpants. That man, is John Friggin Daly. If that didn’t convince you that the man should get his wish for a cart, then here’s the final point.

THE MAN HAS A COCKTAIL NAMED AFTER HIM. That’s right. You tell a bartender you want a John Daly, and they know exactly what to do. they take that AA meeting approved Arnie P and spikes that fucker to bolivian. Anybody else on the tour got a signature cocktail known worldwide? Didn’t think so. Give him a damn cart.

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