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Spirit Airlines Epic Meltdown: You Say Bad For Brand, I Say The Next Big Thing in Women’s Wrestling

SOURCE (they also have great deals on flights fyi)

A Spirit Airlines passenger was caught on video throwing a tantrum after the aircraft was diverted due to a medical emergency.

A woman was taken off a flight after she had a mid-flight meltdown because the aircraft was diverted to Houston due to a medical emergency.

The incident occurred on a Spirit Airlines flight from Minneapolis To Rochester.

In the video, the woman can be seen pacing up and down the aisle, yelling and cursing.

“Do you want to know what hell is? I’ve (expletive) been there ten (expletive) times!” the woman screamed.

This lady is some piece of work. Definitely click the source btw because this woman is a quote MACHINE. She cuts a tougher promo than at least 3/4 of the WWE. Like, if Kane or The Undertaker need a new line to yell in a promo, that one is the one right there. Better than anything creative has written in years. The marine line? WOOOOOO baby you give that to Lashley since they push his military background, and you got gold. Sure, her language is a little “colorful” at points and she might not have “the look” in a traditional sense, but you tell me you wouldn’t watch her decimate Nia with that marine background, or form a stable of crazies with Nikki Cross. YOU CAN’T!

Crazy lady on Spirit Airlines: bad for the traveling brand, but a stud prospect for the sports entertainment brand. Sign her up Vince!

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