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bayley turn 2

FINALLY THE WRESTLING GODS HAVE COME THROUGH!!!! First, let me start with a confession. I’m a hugger. When it comes to the women’s division and the WWE’s push to move from the (albeit, entertaining for a dude like me) divas way of presenting the women on the show to the current way, where the women are presented, as they should be honestly, as wrestlers who actually beat each others asses like the men, Bayley was the one that struck me first. NXT built her up perfectly. She was the John Cena for all the little girls who love wrestling. For the older crowd you could see the influence of the Macho Man (probably number 4 on my all time favorite wrestlers of all time list) shining through with her ring gear and in-ring style. An homage to her childhood hero, if you will. Down there she had the crowd eating out of the palm of her hand. She would hug kids on the way down the ramp, give away the headbands & t-shirts, and just basically be the perfect babyface. To me, HHH & the people at NXT truly made her the perfect babyface. For example, the match between her & Sasha Banks at the first NXT: Takeover Brooklyn for the NXT women’s title is pretty universally accepted as the greatest women’s match in NXT history. I thought for sure Bayley was going to be the biggest thing on the main roster.

So Bayley makes her main roster debut to a massive pop. She was the last of the four horsewomen to come up to the big show. The anticipation was massive. From there, it has been nothing short of a DISASTER. We all know the main roster messes up characters left & right these days, but I didn’t think it was possible to destroy something that was built up so perfectly. SHE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR FEMALE HOGAN VINCE!!! It still pains me to look back at how bad she was booked. Even her title reign was a disaster. Just a complete botch job by creative in every way. Now, because this is sports entertainment, there’s technically always a way to fix it. I, one of the many huggers out there who still had hope, knew what the answer was. It was time. The other options were exhausted. The only move left to salvage the woman who should have been the biggest babyface in the company, was to do a 180. It was time for her to go heel.

The turn has been being teased for months now. Even before wrestlemania, they started with the little mishaps between her and her best friend, Sasha. A selfish move here, a mishap that costs them a tag match there, and so on & so on. Last week they came to the first real boiling point after losing to Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan in a tag match that had them constantly bickering, tagging themselves in to piss the other off, etc. This continued backstage.

This week, we were given this as a six woman tag match, adding Ember Moon to the Bayley – Sasha team, And Ruby Riott to join the other 2/3rds of the Riott squad. Just like last week, they couldn’t get along, so that finally lead to this.

THE TURN!!!!!! BAYLEY TELLING SASHA “YOU AINT SHIT” WHILE BEATING HER ASS!!!! The nitpicking fan in me still had saw some flaws in this. For instance, Sasha being tough to buy into as a babyface due to her character. Another was them playing off Bayley with her current, extremely babyface theme music. Hopefully next week we get a new, darker look to Bayley, with some edgier gear & a song that fits a darker character. Finally tho, we huggers have hope that our queen will be saved from the depths of terrible creative, and be the force in this company that she’s supposed to be. Time will tell. Can’t wait for the massive payoff at Summerslam in Brooklyn.

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