Man Doesn’t Trust NJ Transit. Decides to Paddleboard Across The Hudson River Instead To Get To His Meeting On Time.

NBC New York – “Eunice Rivers was taking the ferry to work in Jersey City Thursday morning when she spotted a man paddleboarding across the Hudson River wearing a full suit, dress shoes and all. Without hesitation, she grabbed her phone to capture the odd moment on video and share it over social media.”

The mysterious commuter turned out to be Scott Holt, who lives in Jersey City. The aspiring comedian says he was running late for a meeting in New York City with a potential manager, and he decided to hop on his paddleboard to cross the river faster. The trip only took him about half-hour to complete.

This man is all of us.  Anyone who commutes to New York City at least 5 days a week is this guy right here, Scott Holt.

This especially applies to those people who live in New Jersey and are subject to the worst transit/commuting system of all time.  Everyone reaches their breaking point and last week this guy did.  He even dressed to impress, rocking a full suit from head to toe.  Now that I think about it … maybe this wasn’t his breaking point, maybe he just wanted to raise his productivity, I dunno.

Let’s look at the facts: Is he an aspiring comedian?  Yes, he is.  Was this probably more of a stunt than it was reality … most definitely.  However!  I’d be a liar if I said I haven’t thought about this once or twice in my life.  You sit there on either side of the river in NY or NJ looking at the water and wonder to yourself … “how far is that?”  … “Do you think you can make it?“.  Well, you question has now been answered, yes, you can make it.

I’ve actually written a couple blogs about commuting in general because I believe that commuting to NYC is a phenomena in its own right.  It should probably be studied if I’m being honest.

The fact is that the majority of people will never understand the sheer pain and anguish that’s associated with it.  The grind, the grime and the mental abuse that the average New Yorker encounters every … single … day.  It literally takes years off your life and if you’re not careful, you’re gonna be the type of person that doesn’t get to see a Social Security check in your lifetime, believe that!  If you’re interested, I’ve covered walking in NYC and even how to navigate New Jersey Transit.

…. but none of those blogs can explain the sheer determination that Scott Holt showed last week.  You’re late for a meeting, you’re miserable because you weren’t gifted enough to become a professional athlete and live carefree, so you end up having to drag yourself each and every day across the Hudson to be yelled at, screamed at and let down by the good ol’ 9-5 work week.  That’s life folks, except Scott Holt found himself a little shortcut.  He no longer will be spending his mornings on a fuckin’ ferry to get to work (or in this case, just find a manager), oh no, no, no, this guy is going to make sure that the commute doesn’t run him, but that he runs his commute (as long as the weather holds up).

As far as he’s concerned, he is offically in control of his time and how it’s spent from his doorstep to his job and back home.  Personally, I think we can all learn from him.  He’s a hero and if there’s two things that I’ve taken from this modern day Aqua Man, it’s that first and foremost, you need to get to and from work as quickly as possible, and the second, well, it needs to happen BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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