Welcome to NY Kevin Knox! Crying Porzingis Kid Hates The Pick so You’re Guaranteed to be Awesome!

Last night, with the 9th pick in the NBA Draft, my beloved New York Knicks, a franchise that is looking to break records as the NBA’s longest burning dumpster fire, selected Kevin Knox, small forward out of Kentucky. the “safe pick” with Michael Porter Jr. still there. Now, I was initially of the “go for the home run” group that was hoping the Knicks gambled on Porter. If it wasn’t for his injuries last year, he was the hands down #1 pick in the draft. The Knicks still have a ton of rebuilding to do, so it made sense to take the shot. Well, two things happened that swayed me. One was that it looks like Porter may not even play this year at all, coupled with the fact that his back is in REALLY bad shape. I don’t care what anyone says, a bad back is a lifetime sentence. Knick fans remember what happened once LJ’s back went.

The other thing tho is a bit of magic. Some good juju if you will. Remember that little weaselly kid who cried when the Knicks drafted the unicorn known as Porzingis? This little bastard right here.

crying porzingis kid 1

Well, after his little weenie tantrum, Porzingis turned out to be one hell of a basketball player. The glimmer of hope we have been praying for since Sprewell took us on that out of nowhere run to the finals back in 1999. Well, that little bastard was in the building again last night, and this is his reaction to Knox.

After seeing that, I’m all in on Knox. Gonna be a stud. Congrats kid and welcome to New York. You Frank & Kristaps bring home a title and you’ll be NYC royalty forever. Good Luck!

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