WATCH! Here’s A Video Of The Knicks 2nd Round Pick Making You Believe He’s The Next SHAQ

Last night the New York Knicks selected an unknown talent with their 2nd round pick.  His name is Mitchell Robinson and in the least shocking thing ever, I never heard of the dude. Apparently he’s had some off the court issues and didn’t even bother going to college.  I can’t speak to or relate to either of those things, nor do I know the full details and rhyme or reason, however, I do have this hype video of him dunking over uncoordinated high schoolers …

Based on this game film, I’m pretty confident that he’ll be a combo of Shaq, Durant, Olajuwon and he might be like the 5th cousin of David Robinson.  Not a bad pedigree if you ask me … Enjoy


On second thought … listen, he’ll probably stink, but this is the ONLY time when it’s fun to be a Knicks fan before reality sets in and you realize that James Dolan is the owner and breeds a losing mentality and shit music.  At least Porzingis is on board though …

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