The Absolute Stupidest Thief in History Handed a Waitress her own Credit Card to Pay For His Meal. WORST FOR BRAND


A Pine Bluff man was arrested Tuesday morning on accusations that he tried to pay a waitress for a meal with her own stolen credit card.

The city’s Police Department said the 58-year-old woman’s car was broken into Sunday outside the United Filling Station at 5320 Dollarway Road while she was inside the store. Her purse containing her credit cards and driver’s license was taken, according to a news release.

Security footage from the gas station reportedly showed that the man who stole the purse also left the pumps without paying for his gas.

He then got into a car and drove by the side of the business, where another man who had shoplifted a bottled drink inside ran out and got into the car. The pair then drove off.

Tuesday morning, the woman was working as a waitress at Shannon’s Restaurant, a diner two blocks away from the gas station, police said.

When she went to ring up one customer’s purchase, she reportedly looked at the card and saw her own name.

Bro. Bro. BROOOOOO. How fuckin dumb can you be? You go and steal the whole purse, and don’t even think, “maybe I should spend a few minutes familiarizing myself with the haul”. Like not even once? C’mon man. This is pathetic even by backwoods Arkansas criminal standards. Rule number 1 of stealing a purse: ditch anything that can be traced. rule 2: use the cards online and have the shit sent to an amazon locker so it doesn’t get to a real address. Rule 3: you only get one shot at purchases so make em quick and then destroy EVERYTHING.

This shit for brains moron did the exact opposite of the 3 rules. He kept everything on him for days and then used the card with the lady he stole it from like a complete DUNCE. There’s many ways to do things that are bad for brand, but in the world of burglary, this fuckers moves are by far the WORST FOR BRAND.

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