No Surprise Here, Celtics Win The NBA Draft Again

Whether you hate or love your team’s pick from last night’s 2018 NBA Draft, unless you’re a Celtics fan, your team lost the draft. The NBA prevented their lottery ball from being in the top 3 because let’s face it: next year would be straight up unfair if that happened even more so than it already is. So Danny “Rain Man” Ainge just sits and waits out the draft until pick 27. Yawn. Is this even work for him at this point?


Sure, there are some great players who went before then: Trae Young, Deandre Ayton, Luka Doncic, Bagley, yadda yadda yadda. But there were a LOT of reaches. What happens with a lot of reaches? The blonde vulture Danny comes swooping in taking any steals that drop in the draft. And at pick 27, the Celtics got their man. Former Aggie Robert Williams III won the lottery and got drafted to the beast in the East and now sits among one of the deepest, strongest benches in the league. This kid was supposed to be a lottery pick. And he got drafted in the upper twenties?

Live look at Danny Ainge


The 20 year old by NO means is a Jayson Tatum. But he is basically a tall version of Marcus  Smart which is dangerous and very, very bad news for opposing teams. He’s not exactly a sharp shooter from the field but he hits double doubles almost nightly along with more than 2 blocks average a night. Throw in the fact the kid has a 7’6″ wingspan, stands at about 6’10” and has absurd upside. If he fixes his shooting, he will be an absolute stud. The main concern for why he dropped according to Woj was the up and down motor. That’s fine. I will take it. Woj also quoted “Celtics got the steal of the 2018 NBA Draft.” There you go THE guy just gave THE analysis. It’s not just this homer’s opinion.


The best part of all: he doesn’t need to make an immediate impact. He is expected to take time ramping up, being used off the bench. But this defensive juggernaut just got stronger. See ya in the NBA Finals next year, folks!

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