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The Curious Case of Bobby Lashley: How does WWE Fix This Mess of a Character

Last nights post MITB episode of Raw was really good. Honestly one of the best ones we have gotten from the main roster in awhile. We had a little of everything. A phenomenal opening segment that did a TON to build up a rapidly growing star, a title change, and some solid build heading toward Extreme Rules, the next PPV. There was one segment tho, that while it went over pretty well and even surprised us with some good mic work from public enemy number one of the majority of the fanbase, Roman Reigns, that had a glaring weakness.

Bobby Lashley came back the night after mania to a big pop. He looked beastly and was returning to WWE after a successful run in TNA. The guy is built like an action figure. Just muscles on top of muscles. He should tear through the roster like it’s nothing, except for the fact that he has absolutely ZERO mic skills or character. This got exploited BIG TIME during the recent feud with Sami Zayn. Just a complete dumpster fire of a storyline in every way, that was made even worse by Bobby not having the charisma to cover the flaws of the terrible writing. Even Sami, who is phenomenal from a character standpoint, couldn’t save this mess. Thankfully it’s now over.

The question still remains, what do you do with Lashley? From a physical standpoint, you can do anything with him. He’s an absolute animal athletically. The problem is selling him as a beast. He’s just too nice a guy once he opens his mouth. It totally wrecks any chance at making him feared, which is what you need to do with him. There is definitely a solution to this tho. It’s something that I, as an old school fan, would love to see in this, and even a few other situations.

Bobby Lashley needs a manager. There’s just no way this stint with the WWE is going to work out without him having a mouthpiece to speak for him. You can’t sell being a beast when your personality is the opposite of your look. Bobby just can’t be mean. He LOOKS mean, he WRESTLES mean, but as soon as he talks & smiles he’s an absolute marshmallow. Therefore, the only solution I see is to take the mic away from him. I’m not even going to suggest it be Heyman. I have absolutely zero issue with it being him, and he is the best in the biz in that role, but he’s still with Brock and we have no clue what the future holds there so I’m just gonna hope that’s where it goes but not count on it. To be honest, I really have no idea who it should be. The fact remains tho that giving the mic to just about anyone on Bobby Lashley’s behalf would be a huge step in the right direction for his new stint with the WWE. You do that and he will be an integral part of the championship picture instead of another “he’s only here because vince loves his size” guys.

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