RIP Puan the Sumatran Orangutan, You were a Pioneer in The Primate Game. Respect


The world’s oldest known Sumatran orangutan, an “aloof” female named Puan, has died in an Australian zoo aged 62, leaving behind a world-record 54 descendants.

Known as the “grand old lady” of Perth zoo, Puan, a great-grandmother, was euthanised after developing age-related health complications. 

She had 54 descendants, more than any other orangutan in captivity. Of her offspring, 29 remain alive, making up 10 per cent of orangutans in zoos around the world, including in Europe and the United States. 

Sometimes, the good lord above has to make a tough call. Sometimes, he needs one of his children to come back to him, even if it might be tough for others. That’s just the way it is. Yesterday, God re-claimed his finest Sumatran orangutan, a woman who keeps the family name alive. A woman who didn’t take no jive from the zoo staff in Perth. A woman who wouldn’t let the other orangutan prudes stop her from gettin her freak on & being responsible for 10% OF THE WORLDS ORANGUTAN POPULATION!

Puan was born in Sumatra in 1956, and she was brought to Perth in 1968, where she spent the majority of her life. She was a diginfied madame in the orangutan world. While some of the other mean girl orangutan were judging her for gettin it in with the other male orangutan, mainly because they were just jealous basic orangutan bitches, she did her thing and helped keep the species alive. She did it with class too. She was a dignified primate. One who kept to a schedule and would let those lazy zookeepers know when it was time to eat and time to go outside and play. A true renaissance Oruangutan, we wish you the best in the afterlife. RIP Puan.

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