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Straight from the WWE. I gotta be honest I’m surprised by this move. It’s not like the WWE or Vince to give up on a guy who is physically built like Cass. Now don’t get me wrong, he has been TERRIBLE since the split of Enzo & Cass. Absolutely terrible. He just could not make his character work without Enzo as his mouthpiece, just like Enzo was having issues making his work while being an incredibly awful in ring performer. Together they were great, but apart they were terrible. Neither was able to become a well rounded member of the roster.

So far the details are slim, as WWE literally only wrote that line above for the press release. Not even the standard “future endeavors” line. I will update this post once we find out who asked for the release, what lead to it, etc. Regardless, good luck to you Cass in whatever is next, and maybe you will return one day as a much better performer. Many guys have so don’t give up. You’re seven feet tall and YOU CAN’T TEACH THAT casspromo

UPDATE: so the word going around is that Vince & HHH made the call together and it was attributed to multiple factors. One being backstage issues & arguments with other talent and backstage personnel. Another was him “going into business for himself” aka not following the script after he was specifically told not to stray from it by Vince himself. God that was a dumb move defying Vince. The final one was an incident on a flight that I’m looking into further. Whoever reported that flight one may have mixed it up with the Enzo bus incident where he got tossed by Roman Reigns. Not seeing too much on that one out there.

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