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Alexa Bliss Proved Last Night Why She Was The Right Woman To Win Money In The Bank! I Love Being Right.

I gotta tell ya, it’s good to be king.  Yesterday I wrote a blog calling wrestling fans that were angry that Alexa Bliss became Champion again “idiots”, and guess what … you’re still idiots and last night proved it.

In case you were so butthurt that you didn’t watch, Kurt Angle opened up Monday Night Raw to introduce his newest Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss.  Bliss entered the ring and as per usual executed a perfect heel acceptance speech to entertain and anger the live audience.  Ya know, like a heel is supposed to.  Folks, this is why Alexa Bliss continually gets opportunity and is now a 3 time RAW Women’s Champion.  It’s because the other girls CAN’T DO WHAT ALEXA CAN DO.  They’re not as talented with the mic.  They can’t hold the audience in the palm of their hands and get the job done night in and night out.

You needed no further proof than the Bayley/Sasha segments later on in the show. CRINGE PLEX CITY, USA.  Oh my God, how is it that they still put these two on live TV with these promos?  How is it that after years of indy work and time spent at the performance center that this is what one half of the 4 Horsewomen can produce in a live setting?  I felt like I was watching something on the Hallmark Channel or Lifetime starring Candace Cameron.

Remember folks, THAT’S WHAT YOU WANTED.   Then yesterday I find myself watching YouTube wrestling personalities talking about fucking Natalya being a “logical” choice to win and that it would have been different. GET … THE … FUCK … OUTTA … HERE!  She can’t talk worth a dime either. What fucking standard do you want?  Ya know, for all the indy fan lovers out there who all of a sudden judge in-ring performances like it’s the fucking Olympics, you sure as hell don’t know what a good promo is or what is actually entertaining.  Hell, I bet you’re the same people who think Johnny Gargano cuts good promos.  Newsflash.  He doesn’t.

Listen to me when I say this, Alexa Bliss and Carmella are the BEST women on the mic and the most entertaining in the ENTIRE division.  Shit on their in-ring work all you want, it doesn’t matter.  The microphone is King or in this case, it’s Queen and it will always reign supreme when it comes to who is holding the title.   Your booking ideas, your logic, your opinion on liking “in-ring” ability, all of it is irrelevant.  The only exception to this was Roman fuckin Reigns the last 4 years, but ya know what, when you’re trying to get your stock price up and have a face of a company, I can understand it from a business perspective, even if it’s borderline terrible.

Let’s take a quick break and check out some of the feedback I received from the internet faithful who cite imaginary star ratings as rationale for what’s good.  These poor, poor souls ….

That’s just one example …

Need further proof that Alexa was the right choice?  Here’s the kicker … are you ready? … Ronda Rousey is not going to be put on the main stage with anyone that cannot talk and hold the segment up.  That’s why Bliss is there.  Do you by chance remember who feuded with Rousey before this … ummm .. yea…. Stephanie McMahon.  Rousey is WWE’s prize possession.  What don’t you people understand?  She’s absolutely unbelievable and probably already a WWE Hall Of Famer.  As I said yesterday in a Tweet, she sells better, is more athletic, faster and more believable than the entire Women’s Division right now.  She’s an absolute natural who needs and demands then best foil for her “rookie” year, and that’s where Alexa Bliss, the best female on the roster, comes into play.  This is why she wins Money In The Bank and women like Naomi don’t.  Because when it comes down to having eyes on the product and the need to entertain for the next 3-6 months, you go with your best.  You don’t go with who the internet tells you to.

Speaking of the internet, I leave you with this upstanding citizen …

Now, while I agree with him that McIntyre will be Universal Champion one day, the fact that this person doesn’t think that “A Moment Of Bliss” was good is all you need to know.  They also think I live a “very boring lifestyle” because I think the most entertaining female on the roster is … ya know … entertaining.

I would love to know what this guy thinks is “true entertainment” … I’m gonna go with a subscription to Meltzer’s Observer and any match that takes place in Japan.  Just a hunch.

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