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MITB: Wrestling Fans Are Mad Because Alexa Bliss Is Champion Again … You’re All Idiots And Here’s Why!

I’m going to cover off my thoughts on NXT Takeover: Chicago II and Money In The Bank later today in long form, but this one I just had to get off my chest.  Yesterday was a travel day for me.  I was returning from a bachelor party tired as all hell and didn’t have the ability to just sit back, relax and enjoy either show.

I avoided the internet like the plague on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning so I could knock out NXT on my Delta Airlines Flight Back to NYC.  Luckily, no windows exploded or pets died on my flight and I was able to watch NXT from start to finish and kill off 2 hours and change from the dreadful West Coast -> East Coast commute.  Finally I landed, got in a cab and started Money In The Bank on my phone while sitting in traffic.  I passed out on my couch before the end of the PPV and resumed this morning before the wife went to work.  Then finally, I hit up Twitter to see the reactions … and immediately I thought …


I start reading some “big name” wrestling community people talking about how the logic wasn’t right and that Natalya should have won to face off with Rousey.  Ummm .. how about fucking NO!  Have any of you seen Rousey?  Have you watched Bliss?  That’s what you call actual entertainment.  The only logic is to put them together in a program.  Putting Natalya, who is as entertaining as her cats in a program with Rousey is NOT good .. that’s what you call “bad”, it’s badforbrand if you will.

I’m sick and tired of reading people talking about Ember Moon, Ruby Riott and Becky F’n Lynch.  Listen, I like all three of those girls.  I think they’re solid, but they’re NOT FUCKING ENTERTAINING! Becky Lynch is dry like a toast right now.  It’s probably not her fault, her booking has been dog shit.  She’s a babyface who everyone really likes (including me), but if we’re being honest, her character has zero edge to it other than making puns and a catchy theme song.  The others, again, solid moves sets but they can’t cut promos like Alexa.  Not even close.  You want me to start a riot?  Have Ruby Riott cut a promo and make me listen to it.  That’ll start a riot.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I may even need to write a blog about it.  CHARACTER WILL ALWAYS BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE MOVES.  You are not watching the circus, people.  That type of shit will only get you so far.  This is why Meltzer and all his fucking stars DO. NOT. MATTER.  Eventually, someone is going to have to grab the mic and say something and if you’re the type of character that can do it in the ring, but can’t talk, then you better pray you never find yourself across the ring from an Alexa Bliss or someone that can spit on the mic, because that’s a wrap on your character and you’ll be exposed just like Roman Reigns is.

As for the logic piece, what the hell are you all talking about?  Natalya?  LOLOLOL, Bliss just LOST her title to Jax … do you all not remember that?  Isn’t this what a heel does?  Cheat to win and seize an opportunity?  Oh no, you’re right, it would have been better if a noble Becky Lynch won the briefcase and chose to challenge Ronda 1 on 1 … yep, that would have been better.  Yea .. ummm … no.  Sorreeyyyyy.  That would suck.  Nobody wants to see that shit.

If you’re a wrestling fan who wants to see these 5 Star Classics and “dream matches” because of in-ring possibilities, you’re actually in the minority, not the majority, I hate to break it to ya.  Reason being because the MAJORITY stopped watching years ago when  the entertainment and rock n’ roll factor of professional wrestling got stripped from the WWE by the PG Era and hijacked by the leftover smart marks.  You’re all that’s left kids, and you’ve got it all wrong.  This is why a guy like Richocet will NEVER be as big as The Velveteen Dream.  This is why Austin had 3 moves and is the greatest of all time and this is why Alexa Bliss winning the Money In The Bank contract and cashing it in last night was as MONEY AS MELLA.  Just think about it!  Look at who holds the titles in each respective Women’s Division: two girls, green as grass that can talk better than everyone else.  WHAT A SHOCKER!  WHAT A CONCEPT!  That’s why they’re the champs and the others aren’t.  They move the needle while the others keep it in place.

Alexa Bliss > Okada all day, every day.

Keep complaining.

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