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Braun Strowman Wins MITB 2018…Time Is A Flat Circle

So if you didn’t tune in to the HFVS podcast this past week leading up to WWE Money in the Bank, we were all certain the winner of the MITB Men’s match would boil down to Miz and Samoa Joe. I did say Braun seems like the most logical winner in terms of his size and strength (and height for that matter). In real life, hell yeah Braun wins that match 10 out of 10 times. But WWE isn’t always playing up to the believable aspect and they would want you to think Braun is too focused on carnage to win the actual briefcase. Nevertheless, he did indeed win and the match was good. Anyone complaining about the PPV can go play WWE2K18 and pretend to make up their own storylines and outcomes. It does make sense.

But does anyone realize what Money in the Bank USED to be? Again, if you listened to the podcast you would know, I am referring to my extinct favorite PPV: King of the Ring. Same principle. The winner gets a title shot with the current champion. King of the Ring was more directed and set up the match for Summerslam. With Braun’s win, you know he isn’t sneaking up on an opponent to cash in and just like Rich mentioned in his blog today, he’s going to call out Brock, set up his cash in like a real match without Brock entering being weakened by a previous match like most MITB cash-ins do. He’s a monster, so be a monster. Also this makes sense.

What people fail to realize is: We have seen this before. Frankly, it seems the WWE are taking a page directly out of their own book from 2002. If you remember, that year at KOTR Brock Lesnar defeated RVD (to no one’s surprise) in the KOTR finals. He went on to face The Rock at Summerslam which had a fantastic buildup.


It was known that, most likely, Brock would take the belt and it would signify a changing of the guard as The Rock was destined to move on to Hollywood and build his film career. At the time, no one was more believable and built up as an unstoppable monster to take the belt from The Rock. And here we are back again, 16 years later. Braun is most likely going to take the belt from Brock at Summerslam. This time not in a lame triple threat match with Kane involved. Monster vs Monster. This is a blockbuster title match. Give the people what they want! And if Braun is believable DECIMATING the whole field at MITB to win the brief case, he is more than believable to be one of 2 guys in WWE able to take down Brock 1 on 1. Brock is ready to move on at this point, he already broke the title reign record set by CM Punk. Braun is one of the most entertaining characters and wrestlers in the WWE with his strength and size. Time to turn it all the way up to 11. Put the strap on Braun and let’s fucking go.

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