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Mike “The King” Francesa Shows You What Real Domination Is

So this happened yesterday. First off, shout out to @backaftathis because he never misses a classic Mike moment. The guy is great and I’m glad to see his account back in full force after that squid at Entercom tried to shut it down.

Lemme ask you all something. What’s one thing you should NEVER do as a man? There’s plenty for sure, but this here is a great example of one of them. Never, ever, EVER let them see you sweat. You gotta keep your composure. You gotta hold your head up high. You do your job & you do it well & you never let your competition see a crack in your facade. Apparently, Don Lagreca was never taught this lesson on being a man, since he showed the world in two minutes that he’s sweating bullets. Just look at this clown:

The king owns all the real estate in Don’s brain and now the NY sports radio listeners all know. I mean, we knew before, but we didn’t know it was this bad.

On the other side, we have the king of sports talk radio, who in one, ONE, quarter took back his crown like it was a forgone conclusion, the immortal Mike Francesa. A caller called in to do the same thing that caller did to Don. He wanted to rile him up. To troll him. To make him show cracks in that beautiful facade. What happens next? Well, in about 8 seconds you see the perfect example of how to handle that. You swat it away like the annoying little fly it is and keep it moving.

I heard this Mike reaction live as I was in my work truck when it happened. I obviously didn’t hear Lagreca’s live because I have ears, a functioning brain, and would never lower myself to listening to that drivel. Sure, they have a moment every once in a blue moon, but generally it’s crap like this. Trying to throw stones at the castle and missing worse than Hackenberg on, well any pass really bc he’s terrible. In the immortal words of Omar from “The Wire”, if you come at the king, you best not miss. Back afta this

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